Beauty buys: July

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you a few stuff that I have acquired throughout the past month... I'm on a strict 100 per week budget as stated by the manager(aka Pichi) so what you'll find here are mostly 100 pesos or below... :)

 This one I got from my Mom in law a few months back when they were in japan for a couple of weeks... It's a compact mineral foundation that has spf 15 and is great for natural light photography but doesn't work on flash photography, unless you use it as a concealer or highlighter...

The shade she got was in OC-C which is a little too white for me...

Up next are my packages from  Sample Room...
Their logo is so cure I can't get enough of it! :)

Colour Collection Matte Lipstick in Kissmark. Plus points for the added vitamin E :) I'll post a review about this within the week :)

  An Exfoliating gel from White Result. Both Products are from Tupperware Brands... They don't just sell quality plastic baunans nowadays! ;)

A Fashion21 Eyeshadow Stick... I think this will serve as my temporary primer for better adherence of  eyeshadows :)

Brace yourselves! A lot of Makeup Looks and reviews are coming... ;)

How bout you? I'd love to know and see your latest beauty buys!



  1. I am curious with the exfoliating gel. :)

  2. i have high hopes for this as well... and i wish that it wont disappoint :) ill post a review after a month's use ;)

  3. You got the lippie from sampleroom! Natempt din ako eh but I still have lots so di muna ako kumuha. Haha!

  4. Same shade that I got from Sample Room! <3 Can't wait to see your makeup look and review :)

  5. Would love to know how the exfoliating gel works out! Will wait for a review! :D