Tutorial: No Heat Romantic Curls

Hey everyone! I did promise a few posts back that I will do a hair tutorial on how I got my cutesy curls, and now here it is, as promised.Anyways this is how the curls will look like...

I do hope that you like my tutorial and that you'll subscribe to my channel cause I'm not only planning to do hair tutorials but a whole lot more... After all, this is Chic Mix and it means I gotta give a twist every now and then right? :)

here's the video.. :)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRkXveTwRMI]

Thanks for the support! Cheers!



  1. wow cool! how long does the curls last? My hair hates the curling iron.. >> or whatever curling implement I use. Coz the curls never stay that long no matter how much hairspray or hair wax I put on my hair.

  2. curls on me last for 3 hours without any hairspray... :) so if I had hairspray on it'll probably last me the whole day :) thanks for drooping by! :)

  3. the lipstick I'm wearing here is Color collection's vitamin e lipstick in Kissmark... :)