#CinemaJam2013: Best Outdoor Concert EVER!

So the deal is this: I go to #CinemaJam 2013 for free, but I have to be a photographer for a day. Spell AWESOME? Yeah! :) This is the very first concert that I got to attend and one of the perks of the whole journey is this....

Yeah baby I got VIP all acess passes- but that's cause I was designated to be one of the photographers for said event. I'll just let my pictures tell the story to you guys.. :)

PS: seriously photo heavy post

CinemaJam was located at the Circuit Makati Event Grounds...

My Partners in crime... Kuya Rey and Jobert

Yours truly, getting ready for the coolest event of my birthmonth...

At the entrance... well there are a lot of people who attended the said event. Possibly cause of the concert happening later on. :)

Essilor- the company of Crizal Transistions. CinemaJam was made possible cause of them. :)

And Happenings at the concert sans movie grounds...

There were a LOT of food trucks and booths available at the grounds so you'll never go hungry :)
The Instagram Print Station

 I shot them cause they really had some uber #OOTD worthy outfits on. I really loved the little flowery headband details on the bohemian chic's hair.. :)

A few extreme (for me) activities like skateboarding

Wall climbing
and bungee jumping

And the program proper... First up is a really really cool band- Gracenote :)

 (photo by Jobert Paler)

 (photo by Jobert Paler)
Here they are right after the performance- still pumped up and ready to go! :)

Next up is one of my favorite bands- Moonstar88

 (Photo by Jobert Paler)

 Backstage.... :)

And I got a bonus from them...

Guess Who??? (photo by Jobert Paler)


The crowds enjoying the concert

and backstage... :)

Then breaktime for us was the showing of 2 movies- we took the time to eat up at one of the food trucks available... Then it was work again. Wait- is it still work if it's actually fun??

As an intermission for the movies, a movie trivia contest was held. lots of people were asked and if they get the answer correctly right this lady here...

They get to have an original dvd of their choice. 
She chose the twilight saga... ;)
Me and pichi chillin while waiting for more VIP guests to arrive...(kelangan kunan eh)

CALLALILY!!! (photo by Jobert Paler)

I actually have a picture with the band backstage but I don't have it as of the moment. I'll update this post later on maybe by tuesday :)

Peek a Boo...who's this???

BAMBOO!!! The encore of CinemaJam 2013

Fans cheering on for bamboo...

And here he is- reaching out to fans... :)

Security was really really really tight with Bamboo so no backstage photos... huhuhu. On the flipside he was seriously inches away from me at one point while he was performing. Super duper handsome, I can't help but squeal with all the other fans. AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

PS: I became trigger happy when it was with bamboo. I think I got about less than a hundred photos from his performance. hahahaha

I really wish that CinemaJam will happen again soon, cause I'd really really love to cover it again. Please? :)

 This is Nicole- Signing off. :) Cheers!

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