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I was scared about makeup before, because people would always look at me and ask if i had my cheeks slapped or if I had a black eye whenever I try to "prettify" myself. Of course after that I thought maybe what I really needed was just to learn a bit more and to take it just like any subject at school.. And throughout my journey, the best lesson I had learned so far was that ...

"Makeup is FORGIVING. It can be erased, so have some FUN with it."- Claire Diokno, Senior Makeup Associate, Shu Uemura Philippines

BDJ Box and Shu Uemura at Shangrila Plaza had their Art of Beauty Makeup Workshop last July 26th.. So let's take this class together<virtually>, shall we? :)

*Photo Heavy Post*

The beautiful bellas of the BDJ Box team manning the registration booth..

This is what will welcome you as you enter Shu Uemura's shop- Makeup testers and colors all around, even on the walls! Yes, assuming you can reach it, you can test it. I myself am thinking of using a selfie monopod and attaching a makeup brush instead of a phone just to test out what's up over there.. ;)

It was a pretty intimate event which started at approximately 1:30 pm.

The first part of the workshop was the Art of Contouring, which was led by Ms. Joyce Platon, a Junior Makeup Associate of Shu Uemura. She was pretty much straight to the point with the topic, and her model was Ms. Kat, a fellow makeup associate of Shu Uemura...

She started with emphasizing how important skincare is and that we should always, always clean the face with water/baby wipes (in this case she used Shu Uemura's DepSea Water Facial Mist, and take out  the residue whenever we will start to do our makeup, so that the makeup will adhere properly to our face, thus making it last longer.

Then she started with the primer and the foundation. The primer that she used on her model,the UV Underbase Mousse, had me intrigued because it was housed in this air spray type of container and is in mousse form, which reminded me of the whipped cream that you see in frappe's and like.

As for the foundation, she used the Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation,with a matte finish, and mixed a couple of shades to get that perfect shade for the model, as because the truth of foundation shades is that everyone is unique and all of us has their own shade. The beauty of Shu Uemura's products is that it caters to most skin tones because of it's yellow undertone in most of it's shades.

The next part of her class is how to properly contour. She explained that basically for contouring, you need 2 shades of foundation. One is any brown eyeshadow, or a foundation that is a shade (or 2) darker than your own skin tone should be enough for the contour, and another is a foundation shade that is at least one shade lighter as to highlight. She explained that Contour is for reducing the parts you need to achieve that "perfect oval" and hide some imperfections like double chins and such, and highlight is for creating the illusions of higher cheekbones and more pointed/ higher nose bridge and is used to make those features stand out than the rest.

To contour, you need to start at the middle of the ears, and create your angle from there. Then you also can contour the sides of your temples to create the illusion that you don't have a wide forehead or a receding hairline.

Here Ms. Joyce is showing us how to properly contour the nose and how to achieve that nice and perfectly shaped nose, without having to go under the knife.

Here she is showing us how to achieve those deep set eyes... Yes, there is also such a thing as "Eye Contour" hehe...

The thing with contour and highlight is that you have to blend. Blending is the secret to the perfection of one's make up and is what separates the Kikays from the amateurs.

And here is the finished look, topped off with a pinkish nude lipstick and those perfect natural brows with Shu's Brow Manicure.

Shu Uemura's Skin Care Line

Shu Uemura's Skincare Line

After the first part of the Art of Beauty class, we got to have some refreshments and test out some of their products. I personally am lemming to have one of those UV Underbase Mousse POREraser in Beige, as when I tried it out, it was super lightweight, as if you don't have anything on, and yet it was able to even out my skintone and brighten up my face.

I also got to meet the much hyped Mika Eyeshadow Spira Duo... It really looks like those lollies that have the spiral design on them... So YUM! ;)

The second part of the class was the Dramatic Eyes makeup Workshop, and this time our teacher was the bubbly and perky Ms. Claire Diokno. I do believe that her being preggers was part of the fact that she was so blooming... :)

Ms. Claire has brought me to my senses on the confusing looks found in those runway looks. I mean come on, would you actually do those exaggerated stuff in everyday life, right? As she explained, it was all a matter of taking inspiration from it since most runway looks are "undone".

We also learned a lot from her as she explained and demonstrated to us 3 makeup looks, and how to incorporate them to say a day at the church and transform them to something perfect for a night out with friends..

  • The White eyeliner look

  • The 60's Look

  • Smokey Eyes the Shu Uemura way

She started with applying some loose powder to the model's cheekbones, which will act as a "net" for the possible fallouts that might emerge from the eyeshadows we will use later on. (And when you're done with your look you can fan them off with a fan brush or any powder brush.)

Here is Ms. Claire showing to us the newest from Shu, the Drawing Pencil, which comes in 21 shades. The thing with these babies is that they glide on smoothly to the eyes, and yet they are highly pigmented, and seriously long lasting. Like you have to blend afterwards or do whatever you need with it fast cause of it's long lasting formula. Meaning: medyo mahirap rin na mag erase ng mistake. MEDYO lang naman. hehe... ganun sya ka effective. Sabi pa nga ni Ms. Claire, pwede nyo itest yung waterproof capabilites niya, maglagay ng drawing pencil ng Shu sa mata tapos mag cartwheel sa ulan hehehe ;)

Here she is applying the white eyeliner onto Ms. Kat's lids, just as you would do with any eyeliner.

And here she is intensifying and setting the creamy eyeliner with white eyeshadow...

And now as you can see our model has falsies and the cuteness of it is that the white eyeliner is just "peeping" out of her lashes, for that creative and yet subtle look. As Ms. Claire explained, this look is perfect for those bronzed babes (AKA yung medyo nasunog sa bora hehe). Just pair the look with a MLBB(My lips but better) shade, a bit of bronzing and an amber blush and you're good to go!

The next look was the 1960's look, which mainly comprised of Ms. Claire intensifying the colors of the brown, which made the crease more prominent and intensified the white eyeshadow as well. This was achieved by wetting the brush with a few sprays of the DepSea Water from Shu and applying the eyeshadow onto the lids.

She also gave a tip when doing the winged eyeliner- you can use a concealer pencil to outline the start of the "wing" and then you can follow it with your black eyeliner. Also, with the 60's look, it is important to show off those smart and sexy frame of the eyes- the brows.

Ms. Claire achieved them here by using Shu's Hard9 Eyebrow pencil. This pencil is a little quirky for me as it is sharpened and shaped in the form of a samurai's sword. This shape actually makes filling of the brows a whole lot easier cause you can use the pointed end to shape and the flat part of the pencil to fill it in, and you can have your perfect brows in say, 20 seconds per eyebrow. Cool right? :)

Then to finish the look you can use any nude colored lipstick and viola. The look is done.

Then for the last look she started erasing part of the liquid eyeliner with the UV base primer used earlier. Yep. said primer is pretty multi purpose. Coolio. :)

Then she picked a couple of purples from the Drawing Pencils that she showed us earlier.

Why purple you may ask? Purple is pretty much the universal color; as it is present in black and browns and greens etc.

She used the darker purple to tightline and outline the eyes and she used the lighter purple to soften the edges of the outer eyes.

The next part was the best one- she showed us how to do smokey eyes the Shu Uemura way. The technique is basically like the pattern of an abaniko( Native fan of the Philippines made by weaving abaniko leaves.). You first put a dot at the center of the lids(she used the darkest brown in her palette), then start at the outer corner of the eyes and sweep your shading brush in, then start from the inner corner of the eyes and sweep it into the center, then create your smokey eye by repeating the same steps until desired shape is acquired.

She did not change the lip color as the nude is already perfect for this look.

She also gave us some extra tips and tricks on how to say, enhance and correct your eyes that are too far spaced, chinita eyes, eyes that are a bit too big and droopy eyes, with me and other attendees as the model. It was an honor actually. :)

I was classified as wide spaced and she highlighted my eyes with yellow eyeshadow at the inner corners.

My friend Bea is a chinita, and Ms. Claire added in a bit of liner to help open up her eyes.

Toni here had her lids eyelined with the drawing pencil in green to help enhance her eyes as when she was wearing contacts she had a little too big eyes.

Roxanne here has droopy eyes and Ms. Claire added in a bit of concealer at the outer corner of her eyes to help brighten and lift it up.

Here is Ms. Dyan Warren-Geiger, Brand Manager of Shu Uemura Philippines, and she was so psyched that we got to be at the First Shu Uemura workshop with BDJ... :)

Me and my sister having some fun after the event testing out some of their products... She made it to the second part of the workshop... :)

Her brows are seriously unruly, and when we were there I showed her how to groom it up and used the Hard9 Eyebrow pencil on her; which she absolutely loved. :)

Stuffs that we got to bring home with us:

We also got certificates for attending the workshop.. YAY!

(Photo grabbed from Magie Escano)

The best part of these Beauty Soirees by BDJBox is not just what we will learn, or the freebies that we get to take home, but the friends that we get to meet through them.

Thanks for taking this workshop with me... Till next time! :)

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