Mommy Madness: I need a KIT KAT® Break!

WE NEED A BREAAAAKKKK!!!! A Kit Kat Break that is... You see, as a woman who's juggling some work, photography and blogging in the middle of mommy duties and family issues, sometimes, I get exhausted from it all and just drop down dead... And get up again without any recollection of what had happened a few hours before I did.( for those reading who have seen me how I do that "Thriller Dance", you know what I mean. .. ;) )

But if I can AVOID the said situation, I guess the best way to cope with any stressful situation is with a KIT KAT®.

Now picture this: You suddenly saw a KIT KAT® around the house, at that time you got so stressed with duties and what not. Now, for me, my tendency is to come near it, as if it was calling my name, open it up, break it and savor the chocolatey goodness paired with that uber delicious crisp wafer inside.

And if that KIT KAT® Break gave me a little more than that, like let's say unlock a skill for myself, I definitely would choose the skill of those vampires <ehem, Bella Swan> that  Doesn't Need any SLEEP... Considering the fact that even if I don't have to sleep my body still retains the health that it needs, of course.


The point here is that if I am awake 24-7, I'll have time to do more things and be able to balance my responsibilities and my hobbies, with a little more time to finish my novel about Jack Frost and Elsa in between, and how awesome would be that eh?

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that although you have lots of things that you HAVE to do, and add in those that you WANT to do, if you're feeling a little too overwhelmed by all of it, then all you need is to get that KIT KAT® Break, which will really really help you clear your head, and maybe you'd be lucky enough to unlock that skill that you've always wanted, right? :)

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