Pixy-fied with BDJ Box and Pixy Philippines

Hey! So last Monday, me and my sister signed up for BDJ Box's beauty soiree that is in partnership with Pixy Cosmetics. Pixy is a brand that uses the innovative Japanese technology but is made in Indonesia, and incorporates colors and undertones that is more suited for our skintone and the like, since the Japanse tend to be on the lighter side. (PS: the pixy picture frame there is actually a vanity mirror on the other side, and we all got to keep one. Plus points na yung pagiging itim pero girly ng nakuha ko dahil sa design.. Edgy yet feminine... Cool eh? )

The event is actually a beauty makeup workshop held in The Blackboard at The Podium, and as it was my first time to actually go in there, I guess it was coincidental that it was near where I used to work thus I found it easily. Unfortunately my sister did not receive her confirmation, and it was lucky that I did because as it turns out when I got to the event it was a pretty intimate setting.

There was probably around 40 persons present, as there are 5 pink round tables and 8 seats per table. Ms. Liz of Project Vanity was there as well, representing Pixy Philippines and she introduced the brand to us.

The makeup workshop was led by Ms. Charm Suerte, a graduate of University of the Philippines, Center for Aesthetic Studies,  and she's been in the business for quite some time. She showed us how to play with eyeshadows and more to achieve the Tokyo Kawaii day look, Tokyo Glam night look and in the process showing us the charm and charisma of different Pixy products. So let's get started!

Here are Pixi's wide range of foundations, available in different shades to suit your skin and the tubes are the lipsticks that come in satin and matte formulations with a variety of colors to choose from as well. The black and pink tube there is the eyeliner, and it's a dream to apply it onto the lids cause it's pigmented, and dries up fast, therefore less waiting time and you can be sure that you won't get any smears when you open your eyes cause it's still wet.

And here are some of the eyeshadows which are used to achieve the Tokyo Kawaii and Glam look, and on the far upper left is the blusher. I love their packaging because it's sophisticated due to the forms and curves used on the compacts and the lipsticks, up to the little details of engraving part of the logo onto the blusher and eyeshadows, and yet girly enough to pass as makeup not just for young adults and adults but for teens as well. By the way, it's totally affordable because their price range of this brand goes from PHP 260.00 up to around PHP 400.00 max. Inuulit ko: Mura pero Quality. ;)

So here is the Tokyo Kawaii look(composed of lovely pinks for the eyeshadows used) which as Ms. Charm had said, pwede pangpunta sa date, sa grocery or para maghugas ng pinggan... and he crowd's reaction?

The best thing about Ms. Charm is that she has this bubbly persona that made the workshop really fun. But seriously, her point there was that even if you're just doing something ordinary, it's good to look presentable or more glowing because you never know when you'll see your life opportunity at your doorstep, right?

And here she is doing demonstrating the makeup look for Tokyo Kawaii on BDJ Box's very own, Ms. Iana... We learned quite a lot of things about makeup when it came to foundations and concealers,like if you want to cover up dark circles and bags around your eyes use an orange toned concealer color since orange cancels out violets, and green concealers for redness of the skin, using primers or even concealers to make eyeshadows last longer and especially eyeshadow application for every type of eyes, be it monolid or chinita up to how to achieve the illusion of deep set eye crease.

After demonstrating the Kawaii look we were allowed to try it out while she did the Tokyo Glam look on her next "Guinea Pig".. hahaha!

She also went from table to table afterwards and helped us with our technique and what we can do to improve what we already did... She's helping my seatmate King here with eyeshadow blending and highlighting, who by the way is one beautiful blooming preggy. :)

I felt like a kid that's been given an art kit cause of this tester that they let us use for our makeup looks... Ms. Charm used the eyeshadow duo of Romantic Poem and Sparkling Gold for the Kawaii and Glam look respectively. And I also love the lipsticks that were available on hand.. So many colors and finishes like satin, moisturizing and matte.

We were asked to take selfies after we got finished with prettifying ourselves and the two best photos and makeup looks(one for the Kawaii and one for the Glam look) will get a box of goodies filled with lots of Pixy Philippines makeup. YAY!!!

There was also a photobooth, and of course me and my seatmates took a chance to get some beautiful photos!

Helen Blas of Lucky Citrine and Genzel of Genzel Kisses was also there... I've met Helen a few times before on a few occasions,and I really missed her so much! But it was my first time to meet the "beauty behind the kisses" personally. Genzel was so nice! :)

The lootbags that we got to go home with were filled with BDJ BOX cookies that was made by A Bag of Goodies, and one product of Pixy per bag along with brochures explaining their other products. I got the one with the Mascara, which I need at the moment since my mascara from Maybelline is almost out! :)

Thank you so much BDJ Box and Pixy Philippines for the lessons, the new things and the wonderful new friends I have met! Till next time!

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