FOTD and OOTD|| White Chic

Now I am posting live today, and I just got from The Feast at PICC and wanted to share with you guys what I wore and face of the day...

I initially used the Semi Matte lipstick of Pixy in Misaki at the church but after eating a really oily pizza and chicken at Shakey's in Robinson's Ermita I decided to change my lip color into a bold red from Colour Collection cause Misaki went bye bye after eating. hahaha!

When I applied the Pixy waterproof mascara in black, it was like "natural lashes" went POOF to natural looking falsies! Get it? It doesn't look like I have any mascara on but rather naturally long and curved lashes! The best part was that it was only 2 coats. A tip is to let the first coat dry a bit before moving on to your next coat... Oh, and I love the natural flush that Carnation Pink blush of Pixy gave me, and all it took was 3 dips and a lotta blend for that natural look haha! Products Used: Fashion21 Perfect Stick with Tea Tree oil in Milk Tea Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation in Beige Ochre 2 Careline eyeshadow palette(Brown for brows) Pixy Waterproof Mascara in Black Pixy Blush in Carnation Pink Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Temptress

To know more about these products please visit:  

PixyPH Facebook Page

Colour Collection Facebook Page (part of Tupperware Brands)

Maybelline Facebook Page Careline Facebook Page

Fashion21 Facebook Page

Now my outfit is a quickie; meaning I just took what was the first thing that I saw cause we were late and I changed my clothes, combed my hair and put on a bit of makeup in the car hahaha! And FYI, jeans are a true investment. I got mine from Ralph Lauren at around 2007, when I was still in high school and of course my dad bought it; and up until now it serves me well... Hmm, I had to have it repaired a it cause I wore it when I was pregnant(3-4 mo) and it got too loose when I lost the fats from having a baby... hehe..

So there, I hope you liked my post! Oh, and if you're curious, the title is actually derived from the movie White Chicks. You should check it out if you want a dozen of laughs with a side of giggles haha!

Sheer White Polo|| Baclaran

White sando|| Nike

Jeans|| Ralph Lauren

Boots|| Thrifted



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  1. Pixy retails for 250-490 pesos in their lippies and other makeup items. :) thanks for visiting dear! :)