I Believe I can FLY! |My Experience at Flying Trapeze Philippines

If you're an adrenaline junkie, looking for a new workout or  just wanna shake the monotony of life and try something new, then this new school- Flying Trapeze Philippines is for you!

Photo by flying trapeze philippines

I was at their grand opening last July 31st,got to avail of the first 50 gets a free try promo, and here's what happened:

As my turn got nearer and nearer, the butterflies transferred from my stomach to the whole of my body, and I was anxious as to what will happen. Even if it was my decision to try it out, and jump off oh let's say at around 32 ft in the air, hanging on to a pole, swinging and doing tricks... Wait- why am I here again? Oh yeah, cause I wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of letting go of the bar and see for myself this new place in town- Flying Trapeze Philippines. :)

*Photo heavy post*

When there were only 2 people before my turn to get up, an assistant got me to stand up and attach this fuzzy harness belt to my waist real tight,  when it came to my turn, they tied the harness that was held by Wil Hsu, and as I was going up the ladder I tried to not look down so that I won't back out.. (fear of heights getting to me).

*Sir Wil is the one in white- teaching Mark Zambrano of 24 Oras on what to do

* Yes, that is me up high over there, the one leaning and holding onto the bar.

Then when I was up at the platform, there were a couple of attendants/teachers who taught me what I should do and what to expect, like how I should position my feet at shoulder length, and hold on to the bar, bend my knees, back straight, and jump off the platform when they say "HOP". And jump I did as soon as I heard it cause I didn't want to overthink what I was about to do.

And MAN! It was the most exhilarating thing that I have ever done. The thing is sir Wil was the one who guided me while I was in mid air, he also was holding the ropes to my harness (I was screaming like hell by the way, cause I was too surprised at what had I just done), and explained how to do the basic moves which was to hang on with your knees, and let go of the bar. I believe that to actually let go of the bar and trust your knees (and of course your instructor and your guts) to not fall down is pretty brave.
*Oha! No Hands! hahaha :D

I mean when looking at it from below it seems pretty easy. But doing it and letting go is a whole different perspective- it's like when the instructor tells you do this and let go, you wanna shout to him/her "LET GO?! ANU KA HILO? AYOKO NGA!" hahaha!

But of course I trusted his instructions and I was able to let go. It was way way too fun to feel so light up in the air... Then sir Wil instructed me again to go back to my original hanging position and asked me if I wanna try a back flip and of course, since I was already there, I tried to do it.:)

The key word here is try, cause I was out of timing and wasn't able to do it properly. I think my body hesitated at the last moment and I fell flat on the net. After that, I crawled on the net and went nearer to the landing mat and got down via holding on the net, and with my belly flat on the edge of it, I twirled down onto the mat.

After that , I can only think, say or maybe even scream of three words-


So awesome in fact that if only it wasn't rush hour and if I didn't have a schedule, I would've tried it out again and again...

Wil Hsu and Dan Rosenzweig are the masters behind this amazing new school in Bonifacio Global City. Wil, who was the instructor at the time of my turn, was actually already "flying" since he was eight years old,and was trained by Jackie Tan, a Stanford engineer, equipment builder, and circus performer. Every summer Wil would go back to camp, and eventually he trained in Boston, California and San Francisco with other experts.. So yeah, you're handled by pros. ;)

“I grew up in the United States and I ran a couple of trapeze rigs to help pay my way through college. When I moved here in the Philippines in 2006, I immediately wanted to set up my own trapeze school" *quote from Rappler

Now I only asked one question when sir Wil Hsu opened this school, and that was Of all the possible things to teach, why Trapeze?

*Wil Hsu up on the ropes and doin his thing. :) ;Photo by FTP

"It's just because flying is my life, and I wanted everyone to experience the thrill and happiness that I feel when I'm up there."

The thing with trapeze is that it also is a great workout, I mean it's pretty similar to air yoga, and Pink also did trapeze as a workout for her to keep fit for the Grammys. And for sir Wil, as he is bored with the gym, he uses this to keep himself fit. Plus, with trapeze, you're always improving cause when you finish to one trick, you can go for another like from one backflip to doubleflips and catches.

*Mark Zambrano doing the knee hang

*Flying Trapeze Philippines is found at 34th street corner 9th avenue, Bonifacio Global city. You can enroll for a class for 1000Php for weekdays and 1200 for weekends. Bu if you just wanna try it out they also accept walk ins who can do a swing, or three, for 200Php. and 500Php, respectively. For more details on how to book a class and other FAQ, check out their site at http://trapeze.ph

I think that in the future, I'll stick to the high bars of swinging on a trapeze as my exercise routine as well instead of keeping in the confines of a gym... hmm, when I get a decent pay from my work for every month that is. haha! But for sure I'll be back to try it out, cause that one time when I jumped and let go, was one of the best things that actually let me not feel the pressures of life and just feel myself and the air rushing to my face.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes to get up and FLY? :)





  1. Inggit! I can't do that to save myself as I hate heights..I love your photos!!

  2. would love to try this... :D

  3. My knees were already shaking just by reading your post! Duwag talaga ako pagdating sa mga ganyan hehe

  4. I would love to try this to get over my fear of heights but I think I would freak out!

  5. Oh my, it looks like fun! I'd seriously consider doing this if I weren't too heavy, LOL. It must have felt great being able to try it out.

  6. IngGit ako! Kaso baka mahimatay ako sa NO HANDS! hihihi..

  7. A friend of mine has been encouraging me to try this out. But I'm so heavy! Hahaha I don't know if my arms could handle it. :p

  8. You can try this, I had a friend, Ralph, who was also on the heavy side but he fared well. :D

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