Makeup Tutorial: My "Nearly Naked" Look

HEY! So pichi and I had some spare time last Sunday after we went to The Feast at PICC and since the light was great outside, I decided to film a tutorial for you guys...

This is called Nearly Naked cause I wanted to show to you guys that you don't really have to pile on lots and lots of products just to make yourself more beautiful, cause let's face it- we are already beautiful in our own skin, right? And my firm belief with makeup is that it is used to enhance, (and is also a form of art, but I'll elaborate in the future posts) and not to cover up your beauty or to create a mask for yourself. So, I guess the point here is: Less is More.


Products Used:
Fashion21 Perfect stick with Tea tree oil in Milk Tea
Maybelline Mineral Foundation in Beige Ochre 2
Fashion21 Stick Eyeshadow Liner in Pearl
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara in Very Black
Stila Runway Palette(brows)
Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek tint
Smashbox Lip enhancing gloss
Orange Blush-On from 10 Blush Palette

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  1. Love the look doll! :)

    Kiss Kiss,
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