On the Filipino Pride | Yabang Pinoy 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar

I had the chance to let my mind be opened to what was actually lacking within ourselves and why the Philippines is kinda on the back track when it came to economic success. Can you guess what's missing in ourselves? It's actually Filipino Pride ladies and gents. ;)

Yabang Pinoy is raising awareness on the lack of national Filipino pride in everyone of us. I mean like come on, we're only proud of being a Filipino when Pac-Man wins a  game in boxing or when someone who's half Filipino wins in American Idol or some other contest.

Don't you think it's a little funny that we're being part time Filipinos when we do this? I guess it's about rediscovering the pride in being a Filipino and by making a habit of supporting Filipino ideas, products, and services, and making it a lifestyle, only then will we realize our individual roles in nation-building and real progressive change.

For eight years running, the Global Pinoy Bazaar has been successfully championing the excellence of proudly Filipino brands, proving that we can compete with big international labels. The flagship project of Yabang Pinoy has built a community where business owners focus on craftsmanship and consumers expect loyalty.

In the 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar on 22-24 August 2014, Yabang Pinoy moves to the World Trade Center, a venue three times larger, to showcase the breadth of Filipino entrepreneurialism. The lineup features almost two hundred local brands and business concepts, from loyal merchants to budding startups, in art, design, music, travel, technology, home, fashion, and food and beverage.


The Abaca Band- Yabang Pinoy's object of conversation. Forget LoomBands- this is THE big thing. Why? cause this better represents who we Filipinos are strong, resilient and exceptional just like the Abaca Fiber. ;)

“A Filipino entrepreneur is someone who believes that Filipinos have the ability to exceed or at least be at par with established international brands in terms of product quality, process efficiencies, marketing, and branding,” says Mark Carrillo of men’s lifestyle brand Fledge Clothing.

The new entrant to the bazaar is equally as committed to product quality. “People are always surprised when they learn that our products are locally made. We are joining Global Pinoy Bazaar to support the local industry, and show the quality of local independent brands,” says Mark.

Here's a peek on what to expect at the Global Pinoy Bazaar ;)

Ms. Denise Lunod, the beauty and brains behind Simone's Closet. Simone is actually her cute child, and she started her online shop back in 2009. Her style is more on the bohemian chic look, which I sometimes incorporate into my style as well when I go out. Like putting on floral skirts and those cutesy headdress accessories. Speaking of accessories, hers is one of a kind made from scraps of old stretch shirts or retaso, and it's not exclusive to the bohemian look, it can be included in any outfit cause it's also very adaptable, like a Filipino. ;)

And no, I'm not yet done with the accessories. Next is the beautiful Chef Ms. Pia del Rosario who started The Kneutral Collection (with a silent k) together with her sister. Their acessories are all handmade, from necklaces to bracelets and bangles.

As per Ms. Pia: "Well, basically we wanted something personalized and we also wanted to promote a statement... Like when you wanna remind yourself of your short term or long term goals, you just look at your necklace that says travel, or if you want to remind yourself that you are blessed, your bangle gives you that statement and reminds you as well."

And the acessories are not just for women, Kneutral collection will also be releasing For Men accessories this upcoming bazaar in August so it's another reason to go get yourself there. hehe..

For all your hipster style needs, there's BlackBeard for you.

As per Ralph, the owner of Blackbeard," Blackbeard is a local brand of high quality boat shoes that's made in Marikina.. Most foreign shoe companies are pretty expensive so I wanted to create something that is more affordable."

Would you believe that these fab bags are actually made from Pina? Yes, I'm surprised as well when I saw these cause they're not like the usual cloth that we see in our barong tagalog and such. hehe... The idea behind this is they wanted to create something acceptable and can be worn on a day to day basis which can be worn by the young and old alike but it doesn't really look like a souvenir.

You will also find beauty and skincare products there in the bazaar, and one brand to which I was introduced is One Earth Organics.
As per Ms. Tiffany, " One Earth Organics is actually a beauty and skincare line. We try to address every Filipina's beauty problems in a chemical free way. We use all the organic and natural ingredients we have here like coconut oil and the such, and we are proud cause it's a home grown brand."

Here are also what I got after the event. Expect these on my next posts and my incoming giveaway! :)

A surprise treasure box from Yabang Pinoy and One Earth Organics. Let's see what's inside... :)

OOOhhh! Bathtime treasures for the skin! I'll talk more about these on a separate post.

Ms. Tiffany was also very generous to give me other products as well. I'll be using the lip and cheek tint on my next tutorial so watch out for it cause of the laughs! ;)

Some sweet nothings from Simone's closet

and from The Kneutral Collection.

The bazaar is also marked by various activities, from talks by crowd funding platform Spark Project and app developer JoomaJam, to workshops by crafts studio Craft Manila, and a jamming session by dance school Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense, among others.

The Global Pinoy Bazaar also coincides with Buwan ng Wika and with the “Made in the Philippines Products Week,” as declared by Presidential Proclamation No. 76.

There's lots more to see and discover within the country and the best place to start is by coming to the Global Pinoy Expo this August 22-24 so hope to see you there! ;)


The 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar will be held on 22-24 August 2014, from 11am to 9pm at the World Trade Center. Please visit www.yabangpinoy.com for more information.

Yabang Pinoy website
Global Pinoy Expo Facebook
Simone's Closet
The Kneutral Collection
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  1. Gone were the days when people look at Pinoy products with disdain and snide comments such as, "Ay, lokal", but there's still some work to be done in getting Filipino brands recognized and patronized here. I think this event will usehr it up to the right direction. Also, I'm very happy to see that the organizers have put a positive spin on the Pinoy Pride label that seems only to come out every time Pacman beats some guy up or some Fil-Am guys get to to runner-up finishes in Americal Idol (as you have mentioned in your introduction).

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