Pixy Philippines Launch|| #GetPixyfied!

If it wasn't for this contest that BDJ Box and Pixy Philippines didn't give, I wouldn't have gone to the launching of said brand. But I joined in the contest and won, so before anything else, I would like to thank BDJ Box and Pixy PH for having this contest. :)

The launch happened at White Space Manila, and for someone who's coming in from Las Pinas, I knew that I was in deep deep traffic troubles cause I was going there commute. But thankfully, we got there before the actual program started so it was cool. (Main reason as well why I only had finishng powder and brow makeup on.)

The place was endowed with lots of Sakura (cherry blossoms), and just one look at the place and you'd know that it was Pixy Philippines. I'll tour you around and show you what happened at the event so read more okay? :D

Now on about the brand. Pixy Cosmetics is a Japanese formulated and Indonesia manufactured cosmetics line known to suit most Asian skin shades, which means less of the white cast that we see on photos cause of too light and varied shades. :) I have been introduced to Pixy through BDJ Box, when I had the chance to get Pixy-fied last July through their makeup workshop.

Their products are light on the pocket cause they range from 200+ to 400+ Php only. :) The best part of this is they are easily accessible since they are available in around 20 Watsons branches, and counting. Plus they will be expanding on to other department stores by around 2015 so hurray for that!

The launch was hosted by Ms. Patty Laurel- Filart, and Pixy was introduced by Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuoka (CEO of Mandom Philippines)

and Mr Hirotsugu Ohashi( General Manager- Sales and Marketing of Mandom Philippines).

The advocacy of Pixy Cosmetics is to celebrate the true Asian beauty- meaning enhancing what is our beauty within. "Filipinas have an innate happiness and natural beauty.  Pixy allows women to enhance this beauty by offering quality products to highlight their Truly Asian Beauty.” as per Mr. Hiroyuki.

Afterwards, Ms. Xeng Zulueta, one of the best makeup artists in my opinion, came up onstage and introduced to us the 2 looks that embody the Pixy beauty philosophy, Tokyo Kawaii and Tokyo Glam, using all Pixy products.

Ms. Xeng emphasized that although the Kim Kardashian way of makeup is beautiful in photos, it looks weird in real life; especially here in the Philippines. Translation: Less is MORE.

I mean like come on, in the hot summer sun or the humid rainy days we have here, would you really slather on lots of makeup? Your answer to that should be NO. Why do you ask? Two words: MAKEUP MELTDOWN.

The Tokyo Kawaii (Cute) look is demonstrated by applying the UV whitening Perfect Fit Two Way Cake. She first used an atomizer and spritzed a bit of water cause she wanted to use the wet application, although instead of using the sponge, she used a fluffy powder brush. She explained that the sponge is well thought of and the texture is perfect for the foundation.

I usually never use the wet method when it comes to two way cakes cause of the very fact that it feels like my face is cake-y whenever I do this, but this technique is actually light on the skin. :)

She then used the Romantic Poem eyeshadows to create those cutesy Kawaii eyes that give just the right hint of color to the model's peepers. She added Pixy waterproof mascara onto our beautiful model here as well.

She also showed the great thing about the eyeshadows which is that it can double as a blush on, and as she wanted the color of red wine on the model's cheeks so she used the darker color of the Romantic poem for a more flushed and blooming look.

Then on to the lipstick, she used a nude pinkish color on the model and viola. The Kawaii look is done.

For the Tokyo Glam look she used another model, and basically the only thing that differed here is that she used another eyeshadow duo, one with black and gold to achieve the Glam look and went smokey with the thang. ;) Then she piled on the mascara, and a little trick here, you can let the mascara dry in between coats to make it seem you have falsies on. And to lessen the waiting time- use a hand held fan... ;)

And here are the finished looks:

The Mandom and Pixy Team:

Oh, and while Ms. Xeng was explaining about the makeup, I can't seem to get my eyes away from what's in front of me...

Oh yes, the term "Bucket" doesn't only apply to my favorite foods like chicken, fries or Mojos, now when I hear Bucket I see the Pixy logo and a tune pops in my head..

"Oh I got a bucket, a bucket full of makeup..."

After the makeup demo, one of the best parts of the event was meeting the beauties behind the blogs that I only read and learn more about makeup from... And thus the inner photographer came out.

Ms. Celline and Ms. Aya from Product Arena and Codename Aya respectively.

Ms. Genzel of Genzel Kisses posing for the kawaii photobooth of Pixy :)

Ms. Yette of Yettezkie Doodles :)

Ms. Sabs of The Makeup Maven

Ms. Bing of The Project Awesome! Medyo na-speechless ako nung nakita ko siya hehe...

I also met Alice and Rattus Yu of Photoescape Travels and Lady Rattus(Beauty on a Shoestring Budget).. Kakatuwa lang cause Rattus reminds me of my friend here sa "Paler Big Brother House" hehehe...

Everyone enjoying the photobooth and getting Pixy-fied

There were lots more bloggers and other media present at the event, like The Blawgger Ms. Donna from My Lucid Intervals and Ms. Liz Lanuzo, but I wasn't able to take a proper picture of them.. :(

I was so mesmerized by the realization that I was actually a part of something so wonderful and grand(sorry na first time ehhh. hehe) that I wasn't able to get much photos of myself. As in eto lang yung picture ko hahaha!

I'll do a detailed review of each of the products later on, and so far it's so good that I'll also probably include one of them in my upcoming giveaway soon... ;)

With Pixy's great products and wide range of colors and seriously great base makeups, getting yourself Kawaii or Glam is just a Pixy Product away! So go on ahead to a Watson's store near you and #GetPixyfied! :)

Official Facebook Page of Pixy Philippines

Official Facebook Page of BDJ Box




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