Yabang Pinoy's 10th Global Pinoy Bazaar | Photodiary

It's been 10 years since Yabang Pinoy has been celebrating the Filipino pride and helping pure Filipino brands to get noticed through the Global Pinoy Bazaar, and now, would you believe it, they are actually already on their 10th Year! HORRAAYYY! :)

I had a couple of tickets for said bazaar and I asked my good friend Bea if she can accompany me on discovering new pearls and great new finds. I'll also tour you on what we saw. ;)

There are lots of great finds in every bazaar and a lot of great discounts as well, and in this particular bazaar you can shell out and get something interesting for as low as 35 pesos... And it caters from everything to books, fashion finds, food, and even music. The greatest thing is that most are handmade, and they are also made from various native raw materials like Abaca and such ;)

So let's start with beauty finds! I found a lot of new (to me) brands that carry organic products and I even found one that may just be what my baby needs for her eczema, since I talked to the owner herself and she said that it has been proven and tested, so I'm excited to try it out! :)

From bathing soaps that can whiten and restore your skin, reduce eye bags and puffiness to luscious sugar lip scrubs and EMU serums, One Earth Organics has you covered!

I think this is Maria Clara's trusted skin care line cause of the branding and packaging! hehehe...

If dark underarms is your fatal flaw, you should give this brand a try. ;)

V&M Naturals carry the said soap that I was talking about earlier, the one that may help my  baby girl with her skin problems...


Then there are the Fashion finds which are just too many to mention.

Yes, the products from Pina are made from Pina fibers. From clothes to bags! Super awesome right? It's not just in the barong tagalog anymore... ;)

Ofcourse let's not forget our little toddlers! Just look at the bohemian/ Pocahontas inspired booties and accessories for our little ones with Mhyrtle Kids :)

The kiddie version of Team Manila! hehe

And the latest from BlackBeard Shoes, Kiddies styles and sizes! :)

And here are some accessories and other quirky finds! Most of these are hand made products so to all those talented hands, I salute you! :)

Handmade Products from retaso by Simone's Closet

Northloom bags are cool, but what caught my eyes is this T-shirt. May quirky word ka na, may recipe ka pa! I'm sure you won't forget to buy every ingredient when you're gonna make this Ilocano Dish Kabatiti... hehehe

These sell for 150-500 pesos depending on the designs! and there's a whole lot to choose from. :)

Here's Bea looking through the handmade decor for home and some sets for trying out making some paracord bracelets. You can get your own set which can make up to 5 bracelets for only around 200+ at I Try DIY. :)

If you're as bitter as a Gourd, you might like this bag. "Certified Bitterano" hehehe

Hi! I'm Olaf! Buy me and my friends here please? :)

Orange-a-lele anyone? :)

Istorya personalize basically anything from bag tags to bracelets, charms, lockets and a lot more. You can even watch them make your order while waiting! ;)

Bags weaved and made out of paper and and painted. No design is repeated therefore every bag is unique. Just like each and every one of us :) Perfect for summer days!

Now I wish I had a bag like this in college... hula ko madaling makuha ng taga ayos ng bag kung alin yung akin sa library namin...

These organizer bags from Pockets are perfect for those parents who always bring their toddlers anywhere they go. ;)

But out of all that we saw, these guys from Linya-Linya stuck to my mind. I can totally relate to their story, plus who wouldn't love guys with a great sense of humor? I'll be doing a separate post on them so stay tuned for that. :)


I hope you guys enjoyed my little photo diary, and if you missed this August's Bazaar, don't worry cause there's another one coming out soon in the ber months for you to finish your Christmas shopping. Now if you'll excuse me, me and Bea have to fill in our gadget and travel funds. hehehe..



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