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UPDATE: SF Bistro is already closed. But I am keeping this article up for the memories. thank you for reading.

So, me and Pichi found ourselves smack dab at the center of Tuscany, Mckinley Hills. A lot of restaurants were situated at the said strip, and we did visit here once for our work before, but now we're here to actually enjoy the food and not just look while photographing everyone else. haha! But this time, we had our mind set with visiting S.F. Bistro.

S.F. stands for San Francisco, so basically it's the San Fran Bistro. The inspirations of the place came specifically from the mood and music of San Francisco, which, according to Mr. Arie (oh gosh I hope I spelled it right, I'm basing this on the recording interview haha!) is based on Jazz and Bourbon. Some days, when the part owner, Mr. Alvin isn't too busy he would be the one to be up on stage and play his saxophone. Oh how cool and sexy is that eh? :D

He's just so handsome and his voice is divine. WAHHHH :3

S.F. Bistro opened last year of November, but one of the unique things with the place is that they change the menu around every quarter, cause as Mr. Arie said, "We are still experimenting with what the people's taste is so quarterly, we change the menu according to their likes as we are very much open to their suggestions and comments."

When it comes to house specialties, there are a few that really stand out according to the Chef, Ms. Julie- the Flavored Beers- caramel, apple, lychee, cucumber and hazelnut, and their famous Pot Roast which comes in two flavors- Beef and Chicken.

The thing here is that it's in the middle of the week, a Wednesday to be precise, and me and Pichi were already feeling the tension of work, so the place is really great if you just wanna unwind and relive a bit of stress from everyday life, maybe indulge yourself and enjoy great flavors that are inspired and come from the city of the Golden Gate Bridge..

A peek at the menu:

and here's what we got: :D

The Pot Roast is actually good for sharing, and since we are only two, we did not get that, but we got the next best sellers- The Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast and Barbeque Ribs(Pork).

Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast: Php 195.00

I got the Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast which was served with buttered vegetables and a choice of rice or mashed potatoes and gravy with mushrooms. I have this thing for potatoes, plus I love the taste of beef and taters so of course I got the Mashed potatoes as my side dish. The beef was seriously tender, cause I didn't really need the knife to cut it into bite sized portions. It was not at all dry, instead, it was juicy and as I took the bite, the flavor of beef and was so sweet yet intense, and the gravy melted into the intensity of the beef flavor completing it and not making it overpowering. In simpler terms: Tender and YUMMMMM...

Barbeque Ribs: Php 250.00

Pichi got some Barbeque ribs for himself and also ordered cold beer. (Which proves that the guy really has a Y chromosome. haha!) The Barbeque ribs were tender as well, and not dry. Would you believe that the meat falls off the bone, and again, a fork is enough to cut it into bite sized pieces! It was served with buttered veggies and rice for him, although you also have a choice of Mashed potatoes for this. It was almost perfect, but I guess for me, the barbeque sauce was a bit overpowering towards the end of the meal(yes, tinikman ko yan kasi pinayagan ako ni pichi haha... Peace!) Other than that, it was absolutely DIVINE :D

We also got ourselves some Spam Maki( Php 190.00), which is a perfect marriage for the drinks, Cold Beer for the guy and a Strawberry Fields Mojito for the gal. ;)

The strawberry was a nice twist, cause personally I really love Mojitos but I always get the classic ones. By the way, you should check out S.F. Bistro once in a while cause they’ll be holding a Mojito Night anytime within the year. YAY!!! :D (glug glug) haha!

All in all, I can say that S.F. Bistro is great for dates, or just chilling and unwinding with the barkada. You can also do shesha sessions cause they have it there, and for the first time in my life I tried it. haha! The experience was real awesome cause I get to know a bit of the hype about cigarettes without abusing myself... They have a few flavors, and the ones that I know of are Bubble- Mint, Bubble Chocolate, Bubble Apple, and we tried out Bubble Gum. haha! Angkulit lang kasi it's like eating candy but you're using your nose...And you get to shell out only a little less than Php 250.00

How about you, would you come to Mckinley to try them out? Or maybe just experience something new like shesha (that is if you haven't tried it.. :D)?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I love the photography! Is Tuscany kid-friendly? :-)

  2. yeah it is, but I suggest that you'd go there for lunch if bringing the kids cause of the other customers who smoke outside the resto... :D

  3. Love your photos! I want to try the beef and mushroom!

  4. I miss tuloy all those times during college when my brods and sisses and I would have sheesha/hookah moments! Well, I don't miss the sheesha haha, only the stories and the bonding.

  5. I miss the night life tuloy :( The barbecue ribs looks so yummy! and the model, she looks like Ariella Arida, pretty!

  6. I like the minimalistic feel of the place. Bistro na bistro

  7. Pot roast and flavored beer! I'm definitely visiting soon.

  8. Kristina Estacio Villa11 September 2014 at 18:08

    Mojito!!! This is what I miss. Maybe this is the first place I'll visit after i give birth. Ang lapit lang in our place.

  9. thekitchen goddess11 September 2014 at 22:56

    I was able to try the food and drinks here .. quite good. Alas, the place is just too far for us. -

  10. The Ribs looks delicious! And I like the ambience!