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It was a privilege to have the opportunity to meet up with fellow bloggers and new friends who share with me my passion for food last 17th of the month. We met up at Vyne, located at the 8th floor of W Global Building in Bonifacio Global City. The ambiance for me was romantic urban. Think of those romantic dinner setting restaurants, but the walls are adorned with graffiti that is suggestive of food and lifestyle in the metro, which is wild and yet cool. I was met with a great view of the BGC, and they also have an outdoor part of the restaurant for you guys to bask in the cityscape.

Vyne is known for their adventurous fusion Tapas (appetizers) and great booze, some of which are real out of this world like the one below.

Alcohol in a skull bottle anyone? :D

Out of all the listed food, I've got to say that each and everyone of them made an impression, some making me want to go for seconds more than the others. For our first course, we went through 3 appetizers, the first of which is the Pork Chasu Bun, then some Thai Scallops, and Mini Crab Cakes.

The Pork Chasu Bun does have amazing flavor provided by the tender meat and quail egg and there was a tiny hint of spiciness, although it was a tad too oily for me.

The Thai Scallops on the other hand were real good, as the flavor of the scallops merged with the sugar of mangoes is a real freshener, but it was the Sambal Mayo, which also contributed the spicy aftertaste that made the whole thing more alive.  I can imagine this one alongside any booze of your choice.

Upon the first bite, the Mini Crab Cakes reminds me of Kanji without the lettuce. Sweetness was over pouring from the crab meat, and accompanied with the mayo and pickled radish, it was balanced to perfection. But I have to admit, the crab cakes kinda reminded me of Elmo or cookie monster for some reason... haha!

Laksa is known as a spicy noodle soup from the Peranakan culture(think jjampong but more Malay and certainly more fresh), and Vyne’s Prawn and Ravioli Laksa does not disappoint. At first I was overwhelmed with the spiciness, (which is quite visible with the beads of sweat that appeared while I ate said dish) but as I trotted on I tasted the flavors of the other spices, coconut milk and the leeks. It goes on to be sweet and spicy for me cause of the slightly sweet taste of the prawn and the creaminess of the coconut milk that made the spiciness of the broth more tolerable for me.

For the salads, there’s the Apple and Bleu Cheese Salad, that for me can be considered as a healthy dessert. Presentation of said salad was exceptional, as they served it with the sweet, tangy apple, not lost in shape although sliced into rings and the honey yogurt with bleu cheese crumbs was hiding in the center of it all. It’s like a gift with edible wrapping. So yummy!

With East Asian Salad, what you see is what you get. Fresh lettuce, flavorful sour and yet spicy Kimchi, blended among the lines of Korean rice cake and topped with salmon floss, which reminded me of crushed chicharon in texture and taste. (Hahaha!)

Salads in Vyne are quite exceptional that I can’t decide which is better between the two that was served.

Ramen Carbonara is really quite something. It’s the typical carbonara, poured in with some exceptional flavors of ramen broth, with flavorful smoky pork slices and a quail egg on top. It’s phenomenal cause It’s creamy from the carbonara side and yet flavors are truly asian as well.

Out of all the burgers I had in my existence, the Vyne Burger is the one that stood out the best. The beef patty was perfectly cooked, slightly charred on the outside but it was obviously evenly cooked within. It was juicy and flavorful without too much of the grease, which made me assume that they had perfected the meat to fat ratio of the patty. The foie gras, apricot jam and Bleu Cheese was weird, but it surprisingly worked, creating a whole new world of taste for me. This one I’ll come back for seconds, or if my tummy can handle the servings, even go for thirds!

If you’re a carnivore like I usually am, you’ll love the US Angus Ribeye steak that Vyne has. It’s served medium rare, (which some of my "eat mates” thought was not enough, I think we all wanted something that’s medium well) with Truffle fries, Horseradish Germinate and 4 sauces that range from the asian taste with a korean inspired sour and spicy sauce, chimchuri, slightly spicy barbecue sauce and the usual gravy. With each sauce, the beef kinda developed a different personality and well, it’s like tasting 4 dishes in one.

The night was ended with a custardy lemon sweetness, thanks to Vyne’s Lemon Cheesecake. I have no other words for this except OMG... so GOOD… MUST… HAVE... MORE... hahaha! I am very sensitive when it comes to cheesecakes as it is a favorite of mine, and I love the way the chopped pistachio not only gave it extra flavor but also texture to the already delectable goodness that was the New York Cheesecake infused with slightly tangy lemon goodness.

Vyne s the best place to go for a food adventure, and more fun activities like Music Mission Trivia Night every Wednesday and Boardgame Thursdays, and what they serve is so worth the money burned. ;D

With my foodie friends!

Vyne Tapas Bar, Restaurant and Lounge:
8/F W Global Center, 9th Avenue cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines
Vyne Official Facebook Page
For table reservations and other inquiries, please contact 09175530197.


Update: Vyne is already closed as of this year. I am keeping this post up though for memories. :)


  1. The food shots and your description are mouthwatering! All these dishes are quite different from what I usually see in restaurants. The apple salad presentation looks awesome!

  2. can i grab the group pic for my own blog?

  3. Grabe, the presentation is superb! It's clear that creative chefs are behind the dishes. The crab cakes actually remind me of Ernie!

  4. That rib eye steak is served just the way I like it - medium rare (stomach growls). I'm no total carnivore but I love a good steak from time to time.

  5. love the alcohol in a skull bottle :D

  6. Great photos! :D All the food looked delicious!

  7. I know right?! when I saw it it looked like elmo for me, or cookie monster. :D haha