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Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties Review

Hey guys! I'd like to say that I'm quite productive the past week and yada yada, but then I'd be lying to myself cause all I did aside from my usual mommy duties was, well... Drown myself in fan fiction. I apologize for being a lazy bum but I'm now here to make it up to you guys!

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Now for the main attraction! I'll be reviewing a once favorite of mine- Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties, which is situated at the 5th floor of Market Market! in Bonifacio Global city. It's right beside SM Aura, which by the way is where the upcoming Blogapalooza will be held.

Now if you're tired of the usual popcorn fare while watching movies or if you're in need of pocket calories to burn at the Just Dance game in Timezone then Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties has your goods. Here's a look of the place.

It's festive and bright with all the color of green and reds and yellows, which wakes up your senses. This also gives insight that their Jamaican Patties are also made to wake up your senses and heat you up.

Here's the menu. What I got is the Beef Royale(45Php), the Cheesy Beef Supreme(58Php) and Baked Mac(55 Php) cause, well, I'm bonkers for cheese, and a mango shake to top it off. I think it goes well with the Jamaican Vibe eh? :D

If you're not up for the beef, there are also chicken and tuna alternatives and dessert- Chocolate Chip Cookies and Oatmeal Cookies :D

Beef Royale is perfect if you can handle a little heat since it's on the mild side of things. and you can always drizzle some hot sauce if you're feeling more brave, but then again there are other flavors that can deliver to a high spicy scale like the Beef Curry. Beef Royale is a perfect pair for the Baked Mac for me. :D

Cheesy Burst Supreme is all cheese, all meat and yummy goodness. This is my all time favorite, ever since I had my first at the Shell Gas Station in SLEX. Both patties have really flaky pastry covering and the meat is well grounded and tender. Although for some reason I think there's something still missing with their blend, but then again, that's just me. :D

The Baked Mac is perfect for a light snack, the pasta is al dente and the sauce is nice, but what won me over is the cheezy gooey goodness, just the way I like it.

Overall, the place is nice and offers great food, which by the way is portable and travel friendly too. They also can cater to different preferences since they have kid friendly flavors and chicken and tuna patties as well. :D
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