What's eating me up| Fan-Fiction, Wattpad and writing

"I am Nicole Paler, and I am a Fan-Fiction-aholic"

Of course you probably know what fan- fiction is. It's these stories made by fanatics of certain movies or books that just can't get enough of their fix with the said book or movie, and have all these outrageous ideas of what might have happened. Lately though, I find myself being drawn more and more to reading these things whenever internet connection is down, or not.

That is basically the reason for the lack of posts lately. I also have been working on a fan fiction myself. Although I am always reading about Percy Jackson Spinoffs, Bella and Edward or Bella and Carlisle stuff, I am writing about Mr. and Mrs Frost(Jack Frost and Elsa of Arendale) in Wattpad. The name's Yellowplate by the way :D

Well, I'm off to try and curb my addiction and balance it up.

So help me gods of Olympus.


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