Freeform Creative Solutions’ Business grows with CANON

Freeform Creative Solutions is a print advertising and design firm that started in 2008. The business was started by Luis Dangilan, Victor Cruz, and Jun Galvez, graduates of Ateneo de Manila John Gokongwei School of Management.

Jun Galvez and Juan Miguel Luis Dangilan with the Canon imagePRESS C1plus

Jun Galvez and Juan Miguel Luis Dangilan with the Canon imagePRESS C1plus

The trio was planning to put up a business right after graduation with student needs in the Katipunan area in mind. “We saw the lack of professional printing services back then and as Communications Technology students, we had a lot of requirements that needed good quality printers. The people who served us simply did not understand what we wanted,” said Luis Dangilan, co-owner of Freeform.

Being a start-up business, it is very crucial to invest capital in the right equipment that will be of value for money in the long run. As students, the owners of Freeform were exposed to different printers in Katipunan and Canon was one of them. “Back then, we were aware of the various brands of printers. For us, it was not only Canon cameras that were the top-of-mind products, we knew they also offer good quality printers that is why they are the first company we approached,” he said. The owners knew investing in a Canon machine would help develop their starting business and open Freeform to other business opportunities.


More than just a printing service provider to students with project requirements such as posters and magazines, Freeform has come a long way in terms of their line-up of products and services. The business has now ventured out to the retail and corporate market as well.

Ateneo LEX Cards

“For our corporate clients, we make use of a solution-based approach. We ask what they need then from there, we come up with different applications for them. On the other hand, our retail brand, Storytell Prints, focuses on personalized items such as canvas prints, photobooks and playing cards to name a few,” Dangilan said.

Business Cards2

About 90% of Freeform’s products come from the Canon imagePRESS C1+, the first color device with clear toner perfect for graphic artists and creative services. One of the reasons why they saw an opportunity to venture into a new level of clients was because of the continuous support from Canon. “Apart from educating us about their products, Canon also gave us different perspectives on how else we can use our machines. They also saw that there is a lot of potential in other markets that we can serve given the extensive features of the machine we have,” he said.


In serving the wide range of needs of their diverse clients, whether they are students or experienced professionals, Freeform Creative Solutions is confident that they are well-equipped to deliver excellent products. As more projects are assigned to the business, Freeform’s machine is constantly being used everyday.

They cannot afford downtime in operations especially with the number of customers they serve. “Our machine is the heart of the business. It is running every hour so it is very important that the machine is well-maintained. Canon ensures that someone checks on the machine whether or not we make a call,” Dangilan said.

Business operations for Freeform Creative Solutions has become more efficient over the years. Not only is the business working at a more productive pace, but they are also able to meet the various demands and high standards of their clients.


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