Lookie Looks | Princess Jasmine

Earlier in the week I had this inkling to do a makeup look, specifically a Disney Princess. Or maybe it was because Aladdin was showing in the Disney Junior channel and my daughter and me were amazed by the beauty that is Jasmine and the Hot Guy that is Aladdin. :D

IMG_1479 Jasmine


With Princess Jasmine, as Aladdin had put it, "She's got these eyes that just... And this hair, oh WOW... and her smile? ahhhhh..."


In girl terms, what he meant was that Jasmine had these almond catlike eyes with that alluring catliner to go with it, making her eyes just sparkle with independence and innocence with just a twinge of that fiesty aura, her hair full of volume and her smile so alluring. ;D


I used the medium brown color in my Revlon Colorstay as an all over eyelid color and blended it with the middle brown chocolate color in the Stilla palette, added the darkest color from the Revlon Colorstay onto the outer 1/3 of my lids and a bit on the lash line, extending it out and blending it in. then for the cat eyes, I did exaggerate the wing out so that it almost is in line with my brows. Added in around 4 coats of Pixy Waterproof Mascara and tied to shape my lashes to make them extend on the outer edge thus emphasizing the almond eyes that Jasmine has.



The brows I used my newest makeup family member, Snoe's What's Up Brows Pencil in Ochre, making note that Jasmine's brows are more rounded, and man do I la-la-love that spoolie! It makes the look so much more natural! Expect a review soon!:D

For my face, I just did in my usual foundation and setting powder routine, and contoured my face using the Miners Matte Lip Creme in Cappuccino, and for the nose I used the brow pencil. I added a bit of blush, one more closer to red form the Careline palette.

For the lips I mixed in Revlon in Mink and Pixy's Autumn Apricot, then topped it off with the darker eyeshadow from Pixy's Romantic Poem, for a subtle purple yet nude color. Why purple? Cause I felt it was more Jasmine's color than red :D


So, is this look enough to see a whole new world or what? :D


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