Fratini's Restaurant |iMunch goes Italian

December 02, 2014

Fratini's Restaurant |iMunch goes Italian

Fratini's Restaurant has 3 things that I am absolutely loving in a restaurant.

  • Great Pizza and Pasta

  • Awesome Ambiance

  • Superb Service

Last November 24th, I might as well be having a post birthday party for myself cause I got to have a great food adventure with Fratini's Restaurant.


Fratini's is an authentic Italian restaurant that is also Halal- Certified so it means they don't serve pork. This is because Fratini's is started in Brunei and is owned by a Muslim person at around the year 1996. They have one branch here in the Philippines located at the first floor of SM Jazz mall in Nicanor Garcia St cor Metropolitan Ave Bel-Air, Makati.


(Kisty of and Misha of the Touch Of Yellow)

I said that the place gave me a great food adventure cause along with my other blogger friends we experienced how to make a 22 inch(estimate) pizza from scratch. :3 How cool is that?!



She's got some mad dough skills dude!

And here are some of the other team's pizza

Cha of Yummy Tales getting her cheese on!



And here's what we made. It kinda reminds me of that gradient color shift in photoshop. hehehe...



Aside from the awesome pizza here are more dishes that you will find in Fratini's.



Their salads are exquisite, as for upon the first bite you are assured that the ingredients are fresh. And that is Fratini's Restaurant's pride- that they use the freshest ingredients and that everything is made from scratch. from their pizza doughs to their entree's that are handled with utmost care :D


From left to right, we have here a plate of delicious and creamy Ravioli with Parsley sauce, which has hints of seafood(I think) for the stuffing of said ravioli and  the sauce is perfectly creamy and yet it accentuates the ravioli well with the herb sauce.

The second pasta is a creamy Carbonara with fettuccine, which is enhanced with the flavors of different herbs used, and I could totally devour this whole large plate of it cause it's that damn good :3

The third is a Marinara plate, with all of the different flavors of mussels, shrimps, the fresh tomatoes(probably roman ones were used) and the herbs combined and making a hell of an orchestra in your mouth. This is the place that says it serves Authentic Italian and sticks by it.


The lamb(above and below) is unlike any other I have ever tasted( even more tasty than those you can buy at this international store that I won't mention hehe) cause the flavor of marinade that they used is soaked into the bone and the meat is tender and not too gamey. Obviously it was handled with care while cooking, letting it by itself and not pressing down too hard just to get the blood out of said meats. I can actually eat this baby without the mint which usually takes out that gamey taste for me, but with the mint, flavors are pretty much accentuated. This is another dish that I am okay committing gluttony to. hehe...



Haven't had the chance to taste this one, unfortunately kasi after syang picturan, I turned around to grab a slice of pizza and when I got back, it was all gone. It's that good!


And now we move on to dessert! :D This Chocolate Pudding is the best that I have tasted, and upon the first bite, it's creamy, not too sweet chocolate coinciding with the tangy strawberry is a real treat.


Yummy Strawberry and Choco Banana Cookie Milkshakes anyone? :D



They also serve an array of wines and great cocktails here. I love that it's affordable, and one serving of their dish can accomodate 2 people already(for me). Budget wise, it's worth the bang of your buck so please do check them out. They have this promo wherein you get 30% off for deliveries on pizza and pasta, and 50% off on diners paying in cash. Just check out their details below. ;D


Fratini's Restaurant

SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

Open Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 11 PM

Phone: (02)891 5555

Fratini's Restaurant |iMunch goes Italian

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  1. I love pizza too! Thanks for sharing I am putting Fratinis in my to try list!

  2. A Halal pizza! That would be perfect! I hope I can try this restaurant one day to know what I can do to spice up our meatless dishes :D

  3. Oh, I would love to make my own pizza! The price of 225/head is not bad. Nice :D

  4. Oh wow, look at that PIZZA! But with the shrimp and the lamb...salad pa lang, panalo na! H SARAP! I can imagine the satisfaction. I haven't tried Fratini's yet, but looks like a good date place for hubby and me.

  5. Wow, what an experience. ^^ BTW, The creamy Carbonara looks yummy :) Would definitely try this with my love. Thanks for sharing ^^

  6. Yay! Near lang. Must go out for a run and eat here:)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I think we'll try our first DIY Pizza here. Mommy bloggers who are near this place, what if we set one of our chika dates here? Good food plus mommy stories are the best!

  8. This is making me hungry. Makes me want to order pizza this early :) Will try to visit Fratini's when I'm in Makati area P)

  9. You really should try them out. Their pizza is freshly made and their pasta is just superb :D

  10. The place is quite spacious too, it'll be perfect for chika dates! :D Sama ako ha hehehe

  11. I want to try DIY pizza :-) it looks yummy. I'm going o look for this when we go to Makati thanks for sharing.

  12. You got me at lamb! I want to try it . I hope they open another branch near my place ; )

  13. Hello Nicole! I know Kisty! Hahaha! She had pink hair when we went to an event together. Such a pretty lady. Anyway, parang ang saya to DIY a pizza. :) Hmmmm.. Must try this resto then.


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