Gluta White and Firm| My First facial Experience :D

Gluta White and Firm| My First facial Experience


Hey! up for an update here. Just wanna share with you guys this real great facial I had experienced with Gluta White and Firm's free facial, and boy is it just what I needed to relax my skin from the harshness of the Metro. With all that dust, pollution and harsh UV rays from the sun, my sensitive skin sure needs a break.


Gluta White and Firm is a complete line of beauty products that promotes whitening and firming of the skin. The set includes a facial wash, toner, facial cream, pressed powder, soap, lotion and deodorant. Yep. Even Deodorant. Talk about COMPLETE. ;D


So here's what happened. The facial started by getting me prepped and having a headband to clear my face of the stray hairs I have. Next was they used the facial cleanser to clean up said skin from dirt, then they move on to deep cleansing and massage treatment.


I arrived without a trace of makeup on the skin, but I'm pretty sure that with all that grime from the traffic, the cotton used to first clean up the skin was kinda dirty. ;D


The massage treatment was actually a way to prepare the skin for the vacuum whose aim is to suck away the impurities and newly formed blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. That vacuum treatment was prety relaxing... :D


Of course if you open something, especially pores, you really do have to close it. So what they applied next was the firming mask which helps to do just that. The added bonus is that it helps to firm up the face's skin.


Lastly, they used this laser thingy(forgot to ask what it was for. :p) then they massaged on sunblock to help my skin fight from the harmful effects of the rays of the sun.


I ended up walking out of the said place even more confident and at the same time relaxed. ;D

Thanks so much to Gluta White and Firm for making me feel even more great! :D If you wanna get your own free facial; here's how:


Visit their kiosk at Robinson's Ermita and for more information on where they are located, their website is for more details. ;D

Gluta White and Firm| My First facial Experience

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