What Happens when the Farmers meet the Chefs Community Cookbook Launch| iMunch

What Happens when the Farmers meet the Chefs Community Cookbook Launch | iMunch

HEYYYYAAAA!!! I'm back with another tale to tell for you guys! So last saturday I went to the Cook book launch of What happens when the Farmers meet the Chefs, located at the Producers Market at EVIA Lifestyle Center, Vista Mall in Daang Hari, Las Pinas.


Pretty fun stuff was happening there, and I still had this look of wonder at the whole place cause well, it was my first time there. It feels like Evia Lifestyle center, along with the houses and the pretty homey Starbucks coffee center with a drive thru is much like how it would look like if you're living in the states. Add in the fact that it was pretty windy and not that hot and my day was already perfect. :3
evia farm market-3

Anyways, the cause of this cookbook launch, and even the said weekend market is pretty cool. They are aiming to promote agri tourism and also farm to home food concept. I actually had lots of fun cause I found some veggies and herbs and such that are unusual for me and yet it's widely used in the provinces. Take for example the blue ternate flower which is pretty much full of antioxidants and other good things that will help you fight heart disease. They used it in the rice that they are selling and well, it's a cool sight to behold. :D

evia farm market-8

There's also this other flower that looks real lovely and would you believe that it's used as a souring agent in dishes like sinigang! Yep, the Roselle, as pictured above, like the blue ternate flower has lots of good antioxidants and vitamins for the body. :3

Here are some more of what caught my attention at the event :D

evia farm market-5

evia farm market-2



evia farm market-1


evia farm market-15

evia farm market-16

evia farm market-12

We had a light lunch, thanks to the chefs present at the said cookbook lunch, wherein they served us some pretty spicy and super yummy Gourmet Dulong with crackers and slices of lechon with a yummy sarsa/gravy and dinuguan. There's also their Lechon sandwich with kesong puti which is a total win with my tastebuds. :D

evia farm market-22

evia farm market-26

evia farm market-27

If you're not too busy this saturday you should check this market out at at EVIA Lifestyle Center, Vista Mall in Daang Hari, Las Pinas, around 8 am -2 pm :D

evia farm market-21

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