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*my sister without any makeup and really great light.. ;)

It was quite the tiring Monday for me come last week of February as I had to go to our place in Laguna to give my sister a make over for her prom. As I am gonna be commuting, I only bothered to bring the essentials which is makeup, my phones and my wallet. So I did not have a great photo of my sister wearing my "masterpiece" hehe...

Dona elena pasta

Considering my sister's prom theme "Royal Ball", her gown and the restrictions of my seriously strict parents (eg: no plucking, threading or anything to do with the brows, not too strong make up, or ELSE.), here's the outcome of my sister's look.




Here I am wearing the same look as my sister, and I used the same products as what I used for her. Take note that my sister is a couple of shades lighter than my skin tone, hence the foundation on me doesn't agree much with my neck.

To know more on what products I used and how I achieved said look, read more okay? :)


I focused on covering the redness of her skin due to teenage zits, highlighting her face as opposed to matching it with contour cause it might make her look older than she is. Plus my parents did say something about doing stuff or ELSE. hahaha! Also, I added in a dash of gold eyeshadow at the center of her lips for that added subtle shimmer. :)


What I used:

Fashion21 Foundation Stick with Tea Tree Oil in Milk Tea

  • Cream to powder foundation that I find perfect for her combination-oily skin with redness and little bumps of you know what... ;)

Nichido Final Powder in Pink Glow

  • Used to set the cream foundation

Snoe What's Up Brows

  • Used this to give a bit of body to her brows. Unfortunately I wasn't permitted by my 'rents to clean up er brows a bit. Hayyy...

Stila Runway Palette (in black leather)

  • Used the darkest color to set the Snoe Eyebrow Pencil and to give a bit of contour to her eyes, and applied it a bit under the eyes as well to balance the shadows out. I also used it as nose contour, but I applied it very very lightly and blended a lot.

  • Used the lightest color to highlight her browbone

Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Stick in Pearl

  • Used as primer for better colors from my eyeshadows

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Eyeshadow in Sunlit Jade

  • I only applied the peachy middle color of this all over her eyes after blending the Fashion 21 e/s stick a bit.

Pixy Waterproof Mascara

  • I had a shortage of liquid liners so I used this one instead. I applied it with a liquid liner brush as I always recycle the brushes from my liquid liners after thoroughly cleaning them.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

  • Didn't curl her lashes kasi pinagbawalan rin ako about it. So I just applied 3 coats of this to my sister's lashes. It was fabulous as she had really long and thick lashes that are curled up already in the first place. :)

Pixy Blush on in Carnation Pink

  • dusted this on to her cheeks. The color was perfect as she was sporting a pretty strong red lip. I love this so much cause it gives that healthy cheeky glow without being overbearing. It's also buildable which is a plus. This is gonna be next on my review list by March. :)

Careline 8 Eyeshadow and Blusher Compact

  • Used the white shimmery eyeshadow as a highlight to her cheeks.

Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Temptress

  • I applied 2 coats of this. This is the perfect neutral red to match her dress. :)

Maybelline Lip liner

  • Red colored to match her lipstick

So, what do you guys think? DO I have what it takes to try and be an actual pro MUA? :)

PS: Hairstyle was done by me as well. I curled her hair using yellow pad paper and bantu knots and set it for around 4 hours. I unraveled, styled it a bit, played with hairpins and set with hairspray. #NoobSaHair hehe..








  1. And there's really the "or else" part from the parents. :)
    You did a great job big sis! Love how you have set her hair too.

  2. she looks gorgeous! love the bright red lip and bold eyebrows!

  3. I wish I knew more about make up. My knowledge is very limited but I love reading blog posts to be a little more informed.

  4. It must be so fun to have a sister who does your hair and makeup! I'm so clueless when it comes to makeup kasi. Haha. The look turned out so nice! :) Even with the many restrictions hihihi

  5. You look so pretty! I love your red gown.

  6. This is very timely since I am also i a panic mode wondering on what kind of make-up and look should our baby girl look on her prom night happening next week. Got her a very nice black rhinestone flowing gown and now lost on make-up and hairdo. ( I am totally clueless and don't even know how to apply make-up on myself..hehe) Thank you for sharing and got some points here and there. -MacySantos