Summer Ready with DermPlus | Mini Review



Aw yeah baby! It's already the summertime again! As I'm typing this I can feel the sweat dripping off me from the humid summer that our weather is giving off today :) And with summer comes the fact that the sun will be once again almost unbearable to our heads and skin...


So, coming back to the summer topic, I feel that I should give you guys an inkling of what I had found out last week. I went to SM Southmall wherein there was this cool gadget that Watsons and Derm Plus has up.


It's their way to promote knowledge on how UV Rays can damage your skin or if it has damaged yours already. Well, I'll show you about it in the photos:


Those violet lights are the UV Rays that are directed to my face, and the camera shows off the sun damaged (or UV-Damaged) parts of your skin. I was shown that the sides of my forehead and a bit of the skin below my lips are darkened due to sun damage. Those are the darkest parts that you can see in my mukang native sa Africa look. :3


But I guess it can't be helped much already, since there is no actual cure for sun damage, but for the rest of my face, prevention is always better than cure. That's why I am now currently using a higher SPF in my lotions.


DermPlus is what I always use for those heavy duty protections from the sun as they serve quite high expectations. Imagine SPF 80 and SPF130?! yeah.. Pretty amazing and perfect for the summer outings that are gonna be in your plans.


I used said SPF 80 in our summer outings last year when we went to Hong Kong. It was prefectly safe to use for someone who has an eczema and bad skin asthma like my daughter as I found no trace of skin irritation when we used it on her. But if you're insistent on finding something that's especially for your kid, Dermplus has that covered too. :)

Dermplus works better when you do the dab, tap and roll kind of application (much like how you would apply your concealer or BB Cream) and this also allows for better skin protection as opposed to the rubbing all over your face type. Kaso sa katawan medyo tamad na ako so I just rub it all over my extremities. It gets absorbed by around 6-10 minutes after application, and after that we were armed for the heat of the super tirik na araw  and face the fun of Disney Land, and Ocean Adventure. :)


By the way, they will be having these Mall activations around the metro for the summer. I think they're at Robinson's Ermita and SM Megamall right now so you can go check out if you're a bit sun damaged like me and see which variant of Dermplus Sunblock is best suited to your needs :)

But a bit of update to what I've been up to... I'm once again stuck in the where the hell did the week go by mode. That would prolly be cause of the all nighters that I've been pulling off for the past week due to pakikiramay sa patay and such.


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  1. This is one thing I've recently learned: apply sunblock before going out regardless if it's gloomy outside. Will try dermplus soon. I don't want to damage my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This reminds me, I need to use my sunblock na :)

  3. protecting the skin by using sunblock, this is one of the most important thing that should not be taken for granted, but yes, am so guilty on this! :) I've already tried this product before and am happy with the result! It's easy on my pocket too! :)

  4. Sun protection is an absolute must, if you intend to bathe under the dun. Btw, sis, how does dermplus compare to other brands in terms of price?

  5. haven't tried dermplus sunblock. i'd probably consider buying this for me and hubby.. oh, they have sunblock for kids too :) cool!

  6. I've never tried it but wow I deifnitely love it! thanks!

  7. Ang cute nung booth nila na may UV damage analyzer. I watched something like that on YouTube and after that, talagang okok na ako mag-sunblock when I go out. :)

  8. I agree, even if it's gloomy, sun's rays can still penetrate, so sunblock is a must.

  9. Nice! They have sunblock for kids pala. I'll try this soon for our little sun-lovers. The imported brands are really expensive kasi so I'm looking for some local ones na within budget but are effective.

  10. I now use sunblock rain or shine, I have a few sunspots na from not using sun protection when I was pregnant! :(

  11. Sunblock is truly our best bet for skin protection during summer :)

  12. I always buy DermPlus. It's our sunblock of choice because it's more affordable than the other brands in the market.

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