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If you're up for some REALLY flavorful food on a budget down south, Mati's Meat and Bread  is the way to go. The ambiance is quite relax, with a view of the newly developed riverside of Festival Mall in Filinvest, Alabang. It feels cozy and yet modern, and is quite family centric. Did you know that Mati's is named after the bunso of the family that owns this resto?


Going to Mati's food, I'll be showing you guys what me and my friends had...


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Oyster Rockefeller(380.00 Php)- I am in love with Baked Tahong so it would be no surprise that I would have quite high hopes with this dish. It's got the perfect blend of cheese, seafood sweetness and salt. However, I suggest that you ask the guys to not put their usual amount of salt up the cheese cause for some it might be too overpowering. :)

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Balot Aligue(190.00 Php)- Yep, a couple of putok batok dishes in one. Their Balot is more of a luck play, cause what happened was I got this really young one, almost no hairs yet and seriously cartilage bones, and as for my friend Lee of I love Paars, well, let's just say that she wasn't so lucky :3. But the best thing is the sauce that came with the balut, as the Aligue was perfectly spicy and tarty enough to compensate for lack of vinegar .

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Truffled Bone Marrow(385.00Php)- The perfect appetizer and Pulutan partner... :3 This is love transformed into a sweet and flavorful sauce, full of zing from the herbs used and really, this is one dish that's so worth every cent. :)

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JJ's special Beef stew with Nori and Cream cheese spread (235.00Php)- Remember my trivia from before? This dish and certain others prove it more that this is seriously "Family Centric". Yeah, the name's a mouthful as well, but the better part of this is that you'd want to take in a mouthful of this as well if you're into that spicy kick of kimchi. :) It's kinda tangy too, and not to mention that the beef is perfectly blended into the great abyss of flavors...



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Camille's spinach and arugula bean salad(195.00 Php)- This is a nice little Mediterranean twist to your usual ceasar salad, with the combination of mango and the vinaigrette giving this salad the particular tropical taste. :)


Vince's Chicken and Arugula Salad(225.00 Php)- This I liked the better cause it has the sweet caramelized onions (and no, they're not thin sliced squids fyi), chicken and balsamic vinaigrette reduction that made this dish perfectly yummy. Although for my personal taste, another heaping of Parmesan would be appreciated. :)

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Jule's Mac & Cheese (350.00 Php)- The serving of this dish is perfect for 2 people, and as I tasted it I liked the fact that the pasta was al dente and not soggy, and really, I'm just a cheese fan so this is right up in my favorites spot. This was served to my friend's kids, and they returned to our table with a happy face stating that the dish was quite delicious, and as you know, kids don't lie. I'd take their word for it. :)

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Portabello Pasta(335.00 Php)- Quite creamy and the mushroom's earthy flavor really stand out and yet blend in well with the creaminess of the sauce. Pasta was al dente, but I didn't get to explore much of it as I was saving my tummy more for what's to come- the meats. :3


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Tali's Gamberetti(350.00Php)- Here's a warning for you all, if you're nuts for thin crust pizzas and are looking for the BEST, THINNEST and GREATEST thin crust pizza then I suggest that you go here in Mati's Meat and bread and get a slice that is may as well made by Hestia herself. Flavors are quite on the spot, the seafood and cheese blending in your mouth... and ofcourse, if you'd like to kick the spice up a notch, they have chili flakes at your disposal. :)


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Bia's Four Cheese(365.00 Php)- If you're a Cheese-o-Holic like myself, with the preference of melted cheese at the very top of your list, then I would feel that this is heaven as well for you. ;)

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Main Dishes:

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Mati's 6oz Angus Burger(385.00 Php)- Admittedly, being a big burger fan, upon seeing this I was pretty excited. I love the fact that the burger was pretty full and not dry, the veggies were fresh too. But I guess the bun was probably too oily or something cause I much rather liked the burger without the bun... But if I'd rate it, it'll be a 3.5 out of 5, plus points to the actual star of the show which is the high quality burger itself... :)


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USDA Steak with Mashed Potato and Vegetables(395.00 Php)- The great thing with Mati's Meat and bread is that you can request for the perfect cooked beef that agrees with your palette. This in particular is pretty great, and the mashed potatoes and veggies are tasty too.


300g Certified Angus Rib eye Steak (1,400.00 Php)- The best of the best meats that Mati's has to offer. They usually cook it for you on your table, but you can opt to cook it yourself if you want. I've always found myself being better appreciative of steak if it was cooked medium well or medium, as it retains the moist and juices of the beef, at the same time the meat being cooked all the way through.. Mati's marinade with this one is so on the spot that you don't really need any steak sauce or gravy to complement it, as it's perfect just the way it is.. Of course, a serving of hot mash on the side would complement this well.. :)

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Dessert and Drink:

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We were served a couple of desserts, one being some sort of brownie ala mode, and another is a sort of ice cream cake sans Tiramisu.. I forgot to ask the names of said dishes, but I can assert that they are both wonderfully delicious and not too sweet. I would however steer clear of the brownie if you have nut allergies as it has nuts. :)

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And to top the summer lunch off, I had gotten myself a glass of sweet watermelon shake. :) So fresh and yummy, I think this is my new favorite, aside from mango shake. :)

I loved everything about Mati's to be honest, and I can't wait to treat my parents there soon :)

Mati's Meat and Bread

Unit B2, Riverpark, Festival Supermall Expansion, Alabang

Mon.- Sun./ 11:00 AM-10:00 PM

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