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If you're up for some really tasty Siomai, Hakaw or Peking Duck, then there's only one place in the south that can give it to you and have a few more surprises in between! Presenting...

Mandarin Palace (c) Zomato

Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu Shabu Restaurant in BF Homes.

Let's first talk about my favorite and most important part of any restaurant: the food.


Prawn Hakaw (above; 128php for 4 pcs) and Shrimp Siomai(below; 88php for 4 pcs) are the first things that were served to us during the event. So I guess you can say it was love at first smell, look and bite as I never have had any hakaw in my entire life until that fateful day, and the only siomai that I have tried before this was of the fastfood Variety ...#WrapperPaMore hehehe.. I mean, HELLO! There's actualy slightly large bits of actual shrimp inside the Siomai and the Hakaw was just full of flavor




Fish Lips Soup (2-3 persons; 300Php), with actual fish lips. Yup, those stringy things are the lips... When the name of the dish was mentioned, a couple of my co- #zomans had their eyes bulging out from the surprise... As for me, I like it as it is, but I guess if you put a bit of black vinegar into it, it'll have that mild Hot and Sour soup taste. :)


These Fried Seafood Rolls (3 pcs; 128 Php) comes to my list of MUST EAT here at Mandarin Palace... Think of it as a tempura-ish crust with a seafood salad along with great mayo inside. It also has bits of mango that make it all the more sweet and balancing it from the acidity of the mayonnaise.


Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs: This is surprisingly not spicy as you would think, even with all that pepper that's colored the dish. Very tender and perfectly salty.


Fried Shrimp Balls with Almonds- This dish is quite heavy on the tummy, as 2 pcs can already fill me up. The almonds give it a nice crisp taste and texture, which makes this a Contemporary take on the usual Shrimp balls...


Fried Squid in Salted Egg- I am an avid fan of salted egg and seeing it being used in fried squid just melts my heart. Another dish that's in my MUST TRY, this one utilizes the whole egg, enveloping the squid in a more powered flavor coming from the salted egg. It's also sandy or velvety in texture, which makes it all the more special and yummy :)


Braised Chicken with Curry Sauce: I am very sensitive to curry, and for a personal taste, I don't really like it that much. BUT I'll give this to Mandarin Palace- They have opened my tastebuds to curry as it was not at all powering. This dish is pretty much like durian in the sense that it smells like curry, but tastes divine and doesn't even have much of that expected powerful curry kick, cause it's very subtle. If you're thinking of making your kid learn to eat curry, this is your FIRST STEP. :)


Mandarin Palace offers Peking duck and they serve it two ways...


This is the skin of the duck, wrapped up and has hiosin sauce inside. Thinking of it as the Chinese version of shawarma... hehe, Very yummy, and I love that it's also affordable compared to other places that offer Peking Duck.


This is how they served the meat of the duck- minced , to be wrapped in iceberg lettuce and a bit of Hoisin sauce. Personally, the minced duck is already tasty enough to not need the sauce. :)


Another surprise that Mandarin Palace offered is the Frog Legs served ala Salt and Pepper.  I loved this dish cause it's not malansa, which means they prepped it well and also because they skinned it up and used the legs, I kinda think of it as eating Buffalo Wings... This tasted like chicken, but with the texture of Fried Lapu Lapu... Overall, I loved said dish.. :3

A little back story: The first time I had frogs for dinner was when my mom served us adobong palaka before the day I had to dissect one in highschool... I didn't know it at the time, but I know it tasted funny and it wasn't chicken. Hehehe..


For dessert we had Mango Sago, and it was filling and very sweet. Too bad that I had sore throat that day, thus I wasn't able to finish the whole dish.. :3


The place is casual and yet exudes elegance, and they have around 4 (or is it 5?) VIP areas. I recommend having a reservation first as it's quite packed for lunch and at around dinnertime too.



Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu Shabu

142 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

Mon-Sun/ 11 AM- 12 MN

For Reservations:02-2469069 loc. 104.

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  1. Your post made me hungry at 4AM! Haha(: Hakaw!!

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