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There's this cutesy little place in BF Homes that have sparked my interest in tea, and is partly the reason why I now enjoy a nice cuppa every now and then. Tealife is a real great place to get your daily dose of Milk Tea (among other cravings) in an affordable price. My friend Lee of I love Paars is the one who introduced me to this certain shop.

Why Tea Life, you say? Well, it's because one of their signature milk tea concoctions is served like so:

I think this is called the potted plant one where you can get whatever flavor of your fruit tea or milk tea presented like so. :)


I also am in love with the fact that this shop is quite on the affordable side. I mean where else can you get a big serving of fruit teas at around 50-60.00 Php, Milk Teas at 70-80.00 Php... This by the way is one of their "Secret Recipe" milk teas that I got the chance to try. :) It's very tart and yet sweet at the same time. Another thing with Tealife is that you can have the sweetness level adjusted to our preference.


And not only that, you can also get your breakfast fix at any time of the day with their new rice meal and waffles. And let me just take this time to reiterate that their Tapsilog is to-die-for. :) Their waffles are also a great way to enjoy your Freshly Brewed Jasmine Green Tea, with the different syrups like strawberry and blueberry. Even when it gets cold, it's still the perfect bite. ;)


I love the place and the food and for their price, I'd say this is one of those places that I'll always return to....

Said tea place by the way is also an internet shop, so I suggest going al fresco while having your tea fix you can chat up with your friends in facebook or skype with them too. Or maybe a round of War Craft, anyone?



Mon-Sun/ 7:00 Am - 12:00 MN

51 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City



  1. the potted plant presentation looks sooo cute! but i'm not sure i'd like to take a sip in it looking like that haha

  2. hey, don't worry about the soil as it's actually oreo cookies in disguise :3