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When I see chinese food I always assume that it's with finesse and class, and when I think of "Fast food" chinese food, it's gonna be Chowking, which really is just a shadow of what authentic chinese food is like. But when it comes to Wa Ying Dimsum, I must say that it broke my expectations when it comes to their food.

The taste of authentic Chinese food is there, but is served at a faster than usual pace of the classier restaurants which is a big plus. Here's what we had for that day:

wa ying dimsum-2220

Wanton Soup: This can be ordered as a for sharing dish or just the wantons itself, you can have it steamed or fried... The soup itself is full of that savory and sweet from the seafood flavor that is done in the dish. This is perfect as it had rained that day we had our foodie meetup. :)

wa ying dimsum-2222

Pork Asado : Very sweet and the pork is quite tender. As always with most Chinese dishes, this is a great pair to what's below...

wa ying dimsum-2224

...their Yang Chow Fried Rice! Super full of the chorizo bits and little meaty shrimps, and the egg too! This should have that motto "Kanin pa lang, ULAM na"... hehehe

wa ying dimsum-2228

Soy Chicken? Get it at Wa Ying Dimsum!! Very savory and felt like I was eating something from a posh Chinese restaurant. Although to be honest, I have to concede the best chicken flavor that they have goes to...

wa ying dimsum-2232

This Lemon Chicken, which by the way is their best seller around Taft! This is sweet but I had a very(VERY) subtle tart at the end. The chicken itself is full of flavor, and I love the crunchiness of their breading. Trying this out with the chili made it all the more satisfying for my tastebuds. When I come back, I'll be getting this and the Siomai again. :3

wa ying dimsum-2244

Beef Curry: Okay, you guys know that I'm very partial to curry, and by partial I mean in terms of personal preference, I don't like it, period. But in the case of reviewing food, I always taste it first, and try to give an unbiased opinion of this certain spice. The way that Wa Ying Dimsum has cooked up their curry is so far not that strong, but not that subtle either. The way they used the earthy spice is in perfect balance with the flavor of their tender meat, and I'll reiterate that it's just enough to give that sudden spice kick that you get out of eating curry-based food.

wa ying dimsum-2243

Sweet(?) and Sour Pork: As I was trying to capture the color yumminess of this dish in a photo, the first thing that I smelled was how sour this is. It was pretty much a loosing point for me then cause when I tasted it, it was way more sour than sweet. But maybe it's just me... So what I did was paired this with the rice, and still, it was too sour for me. Then I had the idea of mixing in the Pork asado sauce with this and it worked perfectly.. :)

wa ying dimsum-2246

Pork and Century Egg Congee: As with most congees, the flavor is gonna be up to you on how much calamansi, soy sauce or chili you're gonna put in. But, fret not as this Congee has got a lot of flavor in it's pork and the century egg is pretty awesome too. Plus points is the quantity of serving.. :3

wa ying dimsum-2257

And so we now move on with what Wa Ying is known for, the Dimsum. This is their Shark's Fin Dumpling, which in my opinion is pretty awesome for flavor but the wrapping is a little too thick for my taste...

wa ying dimsum-2256

This is Wa Ying Dimsum's Siomai which I will probably hoard when I come back here with my sister who's near the place. Paired with their chili, this dish got me speechless and had angel voices ringing in my ears. Can you say love at first bite? :) This is my next best thing to el cheapo siomai that's satisfying and full of flavor, but the best thing here is that this is larger than the usual siomai fare that you can get in fast food outlets nationwide *ahem Chowking*.. :3

wa ying dimsum-2255

Japanese Siomai, which by the way I have nothing to compare to as I don't usually get this... But flavor wise it's full of that shrimpy crabby goodness which makes it A-ok in my book.

wa ying dimsum-2254

And this is their Hakaw, which I find adequate for a fast food Chinese restaurant. The shrimp is quite fresh as you can tell from the first bite, and I think one order is not enough for a lady, more so a guy who eats a lot more. So If I'll be ordering for myself, I'd get 2 of this just to satisfy my cravings...

So all in all, I really love the food and give it 4.8 out of 5, most especially the Lemon Chicken, Wanton Soup, Congee and ofcourse, their Siomai. These 4 I can eat on a serving and honestly die happy. hehehehe...

As for the ambiance though, I'd rate it 3.5 out of 5 cause the Chinese vibe IS there, it's just incomplete.. much like a Runway Model's makeup look, if you guys get me. :)

Hope I had you hungry and wanting dimsum..



  1. Right, you had me craving Chinese.
    Chinese cuisine is my comfort food. I love dimsum ~ hakaw especially with yangchaw, the best!

  2. Right, you had me craving Chinese.
    Chinese cuisine is my comfort food. I love dimsum ~ hakaw especially with yangchow, the best!

  3. I miss eating at wai ying. We used to eat at the one in downtown. I love their chongfan!

  4. might brave the taft traffic for this. haha

  5. Oh I love soy chicken. I usually go for the hainanese, but soy chicken is a more practical (delish, though) choice when you're with kids. :)

  6. I still prefer their branch in Binondo... Tried this branch super late one time and the food was so dry, parang ininit na lang. I love their spareribs rice though and ham sui gok :)

  7. Drools... i love all of them!!! esp the pork and century egg congee and Hakaw! ;)

  8. oh ganun ba? Maybe I'll update this post then when I come back with my sis :)

  9. I think it's Dimsum day today! I was craving for dimsum and now I have to read a couple of posts about it! Your pictures made me hungry :D

  10. Drooling over your post! I love the lemon chicken!


  11. Is there beef wanton? Fave chinese dish! Your post got me hungry. Thanks for sharing

  12. Wow!!! Wai Ying has a branch in Taft na? We always go to their Benavidez branch ... my faves are the Japanese siomai, hakaw, spareribs, milk tea .... I used to love their fish congee until I stopped eating rice :(

  13. This post makes me want to go to Wai Ying ASAP! Lol! Can't remember the last time I ate there since I prefer Hap Chan in Binondo :))

  14. The Hakaw looks delicious!

  15. Geeez everything makes me want to visit some Chinese resto. :) Great shots!

  16. I just read a blog post about Chinese food and you made me crave for siomai and noodles again! We live near Taft. Maybe we can visit this place one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I have made a decision to not blog hop 'til I'm full! Posts like these makes me want to fly to the nearest restaurant! haha

  18. Look at all these new dishes! I'm craving for Beef Curry now. I haven't tried the new addition to their menu yet. Off to Chowking! =)

  19. Looks delicious…and beautiful all at once! Hit the mark once again!
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