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I noticed that lately, I'm recently into writing more about restaurant reviews and what I make in the kitchen at the moment instead of doing beauty reviews. I blame it on summer ,as I hate putting on piles of makeup on my face if it's really unbearably hot outside... But really, I want to share with you guys the reason why I think the food review community is so in the trend right now, and what exactly is the benefits of reading said food reviews for a woman and mom such as myself...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]manila hotel-1975 Ube Macaroons at Cafe Ilang Ilang in Manila Hotel- I'll post my verdict of this soon :D[/caption]

Usually, we head on to the usual fast food restaurants for special occasions, and before there were food reviews my pichi and I were not into trying out new restaurants cause:

  • we didn't know if it's just right or the restaurant's price might be over our budget

  • maybe the serving wouldn't be enough

  • another dilemma of mine is that the quality and taste of the food is not that good. So we'd rather not explore until we hear from friends their reaction to said restaurant and they give us recommendations..

But now, with food reviews at just a tap on our smartphone or the blogging community, it's easier to look for restaurants that might interest us with their serving and quality of food cause we have already read from other people's experiences. I love reading about the next possible secret place that pichi and I will visit and make new memories with.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Virtus Awards-2007 This one's from Diamond Hotel... Forgot the name of the dish but I really loved the Mashed Potatoes here and the Prawns and fish too :)[/caption]

I also love trying out different types of cuisines all over the world, and with the food and restaurant reviews all over the internet, I can easily pick from which restaurant I would like to try out next.


I have since found the perks of the app Zomato while derping around the internet with my phone at around October of 2014 ,and I got interested with the reviews that flowed with the restaurants that they have listed. I sometimes got amused at the reviews as you can see all sorts of them, from a post that describes each and every dish in great detail to a simple but sincere "Kain kayo dito kasi masarap dito". Of course there will be the occasional review that would look more like a restaurant promotion instead of actually reviewing the restaurant, so I also try to read between the lines just to see which is which. :)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]paumes zomato-2060 Cheesecake from Paume's Pastry House[/caption]

I also loved the concept of their app as it serves as a sort of online food diary, and an Instagram of sorts focused solely on food. I love how with Zomato, everything I would probably need for checking out if a certain restaurant is okay with pichi and me is within reach at the tap of my phone.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]matis meat&bread-1401 Balut Aligue from Mati's Meat and Bread[/caption]

I also like the fact that I get to see which restaurants are nearby where I live and what are the new ones that might pique my curiosity and try them out for myself. Especially for my pichi's work where he would tour Japanese around Manila and need a place that's delicious but on the budget, Zomato is very convenient to have.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Beef and Mushroom Pot Roast from SF Bistro- My very first Food Review here in Chic Mix 2.0 :)[/caption]

You can also record your own food adventures with different restaurants, and this is why I have stated earlier that Zomato is a sort of food diary. But then I feel as if Zomato is more of a community of regular people who are passionate about sharing experiences, not just the bad ones but most importantly the good ones, and giving convenience to others on where to decide where to eat next.. :)

PS: They just launched a new feature on the app wherein you can order food through them and you'd easily see which ones are available in real time, and see if your order is on the way too. :)

So go on, get that app running on your iPhone or Android Phone :3 It's a great help and hella fun for all those who are passionate with trying out new restaurants, those in food photography or basically eating. ;)

(PPS: Totally not a PR Post- I just really liked this app and wanted to share why it's awesome for me. :D )

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