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August 23, 2015

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I love discovering new places, but I also love coming back to places that have made a spot in my heart. One of these places is Meridione Ristorante E Cafe in BF Aguirre, very near Southville International School, but I'll call it Meridione cause that name's a mouthful hehehe... This is an Italian inspired restaurant, and they also serve spaghetti and pizza at the most affordable price you can get without scrimping on the quality and quantity of the food. They also sell kawaii stuff like stuff toys, and as for the reading materials, they have an array of magazines and Mangas (unfortunately written in Japanese)...  The latest that we got here was just last June..

Meridione Cafe Review

Meridione Cafe Review

I've been coming and going here even before I started Chic MIx 2.0, and was also here when they had their soft opening a couple of years ago.. What really won me over and made me come back for more though was their Chicken Pesto Sandwich(100.00 Php)... Very healthy and full of flavor too. The sandwich is just oozing with  the chicken and the pesto and melted cheese. Oh happy days are coming!

Meridione Cafe Review
My Pichi on the other hand got their Big Burger with Fries(100.00 Php), and I gotta say that their serving is just perfect for a guy. The fries are loaded with italian herbs by the way, and the patty of their burger is quite large and filling at around 3/4 of an inch in height...

Meridione Cafe Review
We also got a couple of shakes, Mango for Pichi and Watermelon for me. Jenae loved the Watermelon shake so much that I just gave her mine for to go. I do believe that they also have rice meals, I just forgot which ones. PS: They're not on the menu but is chalked up on their board outside.. :)

Ambiance of the place makes you feel like being in a quaint little cafe, where you can easily curl yourself up with a good book on one of their sofas.

Meridione Cafe Review

Overall I give it a rate of 4 out of 5, cause of the affordability, quality and quantity of the food. :3

Till the next!

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