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I'm always game for a great plate of pasta in whatever shape, form and taste. And it's really awesome that for us south peeps, there's a place where we can get that perfect pasta without hassle of BF Stickers and what not. ;)

Pasta Central-2030
I present to you foodies, Pasta Central.

The place is pretty rustic Italian, hence the resemblance of brick stone ovens as their interior, and it also has a homey feel to it.

Pasta Central-2760

For starters, we had Cheese Sticks(50.00 Php) for the kids and Dynamite Sticks(80.00 Php) for us.. The cheese sticks are perfect for the kids, and unlike most of what I usually get, these ones are full of that cheesy goodness that we are always expecting from a good street food favorite. :)

Pasta Central-2765

Pasta Central-2767

As for the Dynamites, most are not spicy or is quite subtle, but we had that bad ass one that is HELL HOT. but it's just one so it's cool. :)

Pasta Central-2048

This is their Chicken Pomodro(190.00 Php). It's a tomato based sauce with chicken breast and a slice of cheese. The taste is great as it is not too salty, and it's really focused on that creamy yummy tomato sauce. Pasta is al dente too, which is essentially how it should be. :) Chicken is also very flavorful and crispy yet moist on the inside.

Pasta Central-2771

Pestoriffic (160.00 Php) is my personal favorite. It's not too oily unlike some that I have tasted and it's full of that herb-y flavor, and even with just a little parmesan it's still the best Pesto I had. I do wish that they'd have more than 1 breadstick as I don't really want to waste the remaining pesto sauce of the pasta dish. The chicken is also a winner as they made it crispy on the outside, but light, moist and flavorful within.

Pasta Central-2774

Their Classic Carbonara(180.00 Php) is a crowd favorite, as not only us but also our kids had licked the plate clean off it's creamy and decadent pasta sauce. This is also perfect for those that have allergies to say chicken and nuts as this is comprised only of bacon, mushrooms, and herbs.

Pasta Central-2056

This one is the Salted Egg and Garlic Pasta(160.00 Php) which is great cause the salted egg flavor is subtle and thus making the dish feel delicate on the palette, but personally would have been way better if it had more of that garlic flavor and an additional parmesan wouldn't really hurt.

Pasta Central-2777

This is how Pasta Central serves their Combo Plate (200.00 Php) of Fish, Pasta and Salad. The hero of this dish is their Spicy Sardines Pasta(ala carte for 130.00 Php) with herbs and olives, a really delicately cooked fish fillet, which I commend them for cause it's not dry unlike most restaurants and it's also well seasoned. Salad is comprised of Romaine Lettuce and a bit of tomato and some ceasar salad dressing. For its great quality and quantity I'd say this is pretty affordable.

Pasta Central-2781

A couple of extras that we had were their Italian Sausage Tortillizza (120.00 Php), which is Pasta Central's version of a solo thin crust pizza. I have to commend on their crust as it is really really thin, (honestly way thinner than Angel's 5 cheese thin crust pizza) and it's very meaty and flavorful. I wish that they can also give us a whole sized version of this baby because I'm all for it! :)

Pasta Central-2043

We also had some Nachos(120.00 Php) which I really loved because even if their beef is full of flavor and smells like it has curry, the taste is okay for me (remember that I'm not a big fan of said curry spice) and it's subtle enough. The quantity is also great, and the mayo that they used is perfect. In other words, "Nacho! Mauubos ko to kahit mag isa ako hahaha!" :D

So for the price range of 130-190 Php per solo meal of pasta, my cravings are sure to be satisfied and this is another restaurant that will be close to my heart and wallet as it serves flavorful and affordable pasta for the people.

Till the next!

Pasta Central

Second Floor, The Edge Building,

J. Aguilar Avenue, Pulang Lupa Dos, Las PiƱas City

Mon-Sat | 11:00 AM-9:30 PM


  1. curated1ifestudio20 March 2016 at 01:10

    The decor of this restaurant looks so comfortable and laid back; perfect for a lunch with friends! I wish I could have joined you! The Chicken Pomodro looked sensational! ^_^

  2. A place just for eating pasta? Past being my favorite food, I'd be eating there every day, and tried everything on the menu. What a find!

  3. Wow! The combo plate looks sulit hah. I agree that the price range for their pasta is quite affordable compared to other restos. And they look yummy, too! I wonder if they have other tomato-based pasta aside from the Chicken Pomodoro like Seafood Marinara? :) Also, where is Pasta Central located?

  4. From what I remember there is another tomato based sauce, but I can't remember the name... Thanks so much for pointing it out, I forgot to put in the address of the place! :)

  5. Looks very appetizing. It's far from home but will surely visit once we pass by or went to a place nearby, Might as well ask our Lola since they're from LP too!

  6. I already tried some of their foods and it was really great. I also love how they decor xx