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I love to devour a really nice dessert every once in a while, and so it comes to play that I spend a few hundreds on sweets when I have time or if I'm down.


Kat's Cafe is pretty hip and instagram worthy, if I do say so myself... I love that the place feels like something from fantasy books, and is quite perfect for the people who want to wind down after a long day, or if WAHMs and WAHDs want a place to finish their work while taking care of the kids.

Best part is that it's pretty easy to spot as it is located in Robinson's Place Las Pinas.



[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]kats_cafe-2171 Chairs are so last year...It's delectable cupcakes that Jenae is sitting on in here at Kat's[/caption]

But of course, what makes one stay in a restaurant and come back again and again would not just be the ambiance, but importantly the food. So let me tour you on what me and my friends had, and why they ROCK. :)
So this is their kid-friendly and kid at heart drink, the Smores (Php 185.00) Milkshake. It's full of that chocolate flavor yet not that sweet and you can tell that it was really nice as it is instantly devoured by my daughter and her friend Chelsey. Can you say YUM?


For pasta, we had Kat's Aglio Olio (Php 235.00 ) which is my favorite of all the pasta that I had there.The spanish sardines, garlic and capers are not trying to fight but instead are making a medley of fantastic flavors in my mouth. I really loved it to bits and it's one reason why I'll be coming back here. :)


This one is the Quattro Formaggi (Php 240.00) which literally translates to 4 cheese. This is a great hit with the kids and is a nice compliment to the Smores Milkshake as well. It was so good that every last drop of the cheesy pasta sauce was gone!

kats_cafe-2208This one is the Pancetta Carbonara (Php 230.00 ) which goes way back to Carbonara's actual roots- Parmesan, Egg and pasta., hence you're sure to get that authentic italian taste of Carbonara. It has a bit of that garlic taste, but none too strong, and that pancetta is way awesome. Not as greasy and way more flavorful than your regular bacon...

I find that this is a great partner to their Miss Piggy (Php 185.00) milkshake which is Kat's version of Bacon Milkshake. For some the taste may be a bit weird but for me, I understand the saltiness and the creamy sweet blend of the milkshake that makes this drink rock out!

And now for the Cupcakes and Cream Puffs, which is what Kat's Cafe is most known for...


Contrary to most stores that has almost one recipe for most of their cupcakes, hence making it seem boring, Kat's goes the other way. They use different textures of cakes and breads to create a delectable cupcake for us. For example, this Mango Pistachio cupcake is not as dense as your usual ones cause it is based on a chiffon cake batter and thus making the cupcake have more blend of textures from the nuts to the sweetness of the mango and the lightness of the bread.


This one is my favorite, the Oreo Cheesecake cupcake. Way better than what you'll get in a usual coffee shop as it is not dry and well... IT"S JUST SO YUMMY PERFECT! I enjoyed it so well I had bough myself another one to go because of how yummy and cheesy the stuff is.


This one is the Cookie Dough Cupcake, which has a scooped out cookie dough at the center. Again, another delectable dish, not too dense and not too sweet even if the cookie dough is sitting atthe top. So perfect with a cuppa coffee.


This one I kinda forgot the name, but it comes off to me as an upside down cheesecake of sorts, with the graham on top, a really light cheesecake batter(unlike the denser one with the oreo cheesecake cupcake) and blueberries at the center. I love this just because ths stuff is made of creamcheese, but really, I think that if you're gonna drop by Kat's you should get one of these at least once. :)


This one is Kat's Cream puffs, which is another of their best sellers before they got in Robinson's Las Pinas. Most cream puffs that I taste have a too hard bread and too sweet center, and I would just like to say that I get why this is Kat's bestseller... THIS IS PERFECT! Not too sweet and the bread stays soft even as time goes by.



Kat's Cafe also gave us a Red Velvet with Cream Cheese icing, which I commend for the delectable icing. The Red Velvet cupcake is dense and chocolatey, and the icing is a perfect complement to it, without the extra sweetness.

The cupcakes are priced at 85-105 Php last time I got there. The food is awesome and the place is real cozy and comy, plus affordable and of great quality, Kat's is one place that I have placed close to my heart. :)

Kat's Cafe



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  1. Instagram worthy indeed. Id love to try the frappes. :) looks so tasty. And the pasta is soo invting. I have a big obsession to pasta and looking at the photos makes me want to eat one now.:)