Maintain or Improve your awesome body this Christmas with mySlim

I have had friends commend me on my body, cause they say how great it is even after withstanding 2 pregnancies. But I notice the difference that I am getting older, thus I can't really trust on my fast metabolism to help me with maintaining my body.


Just a couple of months ago, I wouldn't have believed it but I did gain an inch on my waist. With me being a foodie, thus with the impending Christmas season, and my usual "glutton response" to way awesome and delicious food, I know that I might not have that body that I used to flaunt during the summers. But then, in the home I live, I know that my sisters in law are also looking out for that perfect body fat burner, without much exercise and lets one curb their appetite due to their pregnancies, and having it be a C-Section as well.

mySlim is something that I have noticed popping out recently at Mercury Drug stores and Watson's, and upon further research, I found out that it's the first slimming and detox drink clinically proven to promote safe weight loss for its special Yerba Mate formulation.


Yerba Mate was first discovered in Brazil and was then used for tea. Over the centuries since its discovery, clinical studies and research proved that it is also an effective weight loss component.

This Yerba Mate stuff is one of the ingredients that make mySlim effective as it reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass... It only burns unwanted fat, making you fit and healthy.

mySlim is also packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time, and  Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger therefore reducing one’s food intake.

All those active ingredients sound bitter, but mySlim has definitely made a curve with that as it has a nice strawberry flavor to it's drink.

One of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market, Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, developed mySlim. This is also the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products.

Oh yeah, mySlim’s new brand ambassador, Jennylyn Mercado was chosen as the perfect image of strength and value for one’s constant improvement – both of which are mySlim’s brand philosophy.

And with those, I know that mySlim will help me maintain my body weight, and since it helps to curb my glutton tendencies, I know that it will be a tremendous help for me this Christmas... With all the parties, lechon and food overflowing this season. heeheehee...

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