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Hi! Although I had the skincare set from Tupperware Brands for quite some time by now, it's only this November-December that I got to use it well, after around 16 weeks of on and off use that I did with the stuff.  Why I tested out the product that long? Because I believe that 1 week's worth of usage with regards to skincare product will not garner much visible results. Plus another story that you have to read after the jump. ;)

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So the claim  of the White Result Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer is that it should help give you that glowing, and whitened skin. It also is dermatologically tested, safe, and proven to clear acne and blemishes. Each product is specifically formulated with Acne Buster, a multi-complex agent with 10 active ingredients that effectively fight acne and excess oil production; Papaya and Pea extract, which are effective whitening ingredients that inhibit melanin production; and Niacimide, a multifunctional B3 complex vitamin that helps reduce skin pigmentation and age spots as well as reviving and hydrating skin, leaving it supple and young-looking.

Here's how the product looks and my thoughts on each:

White Result Facial Foam(199.00 Php; On sale this December for only 99.00 Php)
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This is quite gentle on the skin, and after the wash it gives me that clean feeling without being too drying which is a plus. It doesn't really foam much as you would expect, and with my experience with this one, it gave me breakouts after 3 days, so I stopped it, but then I tried it again after a week when my skin stopped being irritated, and it finally worked out.

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I dunno what happened, but as I said I have crazy sensitive skin, and I'm only sharing with you guys my experience with it. ;) I love that it can clear out and help me with my blackheads problem, as with using this and the toner that came with it.

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The White Result Facial Toner(299.00 Php, On Sale this December for only 149.00 Php) is pretty much okay for a toner, although I really won't suggest that you put it near the eye area as it will feel a bit "stingy", and overall warm. I feel that it helped me close up my pores and make them almost invisible with around 4 weeks use so it's okay even if it has that stingy feel. :)

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The White Result Moisturiser(499.00 Php, On Sale this December2015 for 249.00 Php) is a godsend. Although it is not gel in form, it is pretty lightweight on the skin and it hydrates my skin well after using the toner. Bonus is that this moisturiser has sunblock so your pretty face is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. I love using this, and letting it set for around 15 minutes before doing my make up. I just don't like the effect it has whenever I use cream based foundation, but for liquid and especially powder foundies, it's a great combo for my skin.

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Overall, I'd say that this skincare system from Tupperware Brands White Result is pretty great. Even if it didn't work for me on the first try, giving this a second chance is one of the best decisions I made cause it worked out for me after all. :) You guys should take advantage of their Holiday Sale where these are all almost 50% off price! And you can get the whole set of their White Result Skincare line plus their Spot Corrector Cream for only 499.00 Php! That's a total savings of 797 Php so awesome! :)

You can get this from your nearest tupperware dealer or through the sites here and here.

Disclaimer: Although products are sent to me by the PR, all opinions and relay of experience are my own.


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