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Just a quick update, I got wind that Vikings Luxury Buffet is gonna be celebrating their Food Fest this coming February 20th. And this love month's theme is Yogurt, so each Vikings branch will be giving away( for first 100 pax ) a dish that's served with a bit of yogurt in it for free!


Every branch will be dishing out something different(pun not intended). Like for SM BF, they'll be serving Lamb Patty in Donut Bun with Yogurt Slaw and Guacamole and for Vikings SM MOA they have Cream Puffs with Yogurt and Cream Cheese... An awesome way to try out something new yes? :)


It's easy to join in on the fun as all you have to do is to follow and regram/repost the official IG post from @vikingsluxurybuffet on their OWN Instagram account with the complete caption and hashtags ‪#‎VikingsFoodFest‬ ‪#‎EatLikeAViking‬. Depends on which branch you are gonna claim said free special dish you will have to regram.


So if you'll be going to SM MOA and want to avail of their creampuffs, please regram the one for SM MOA and not the other branches yes? :) Other details, terms and conditions can be found at the Vikings Facebook page, and yes, each branch has it's own page if you're not aware.. ;)

So let's have some fun and EAT like a Viking! :)


  1. Not even the owners (friends) of Vikings could get me to eat at their restaurants nowadays... I have completely changed my lifestyle, and buffet is a big no no, pero I can always appreciate the photos! Peace!

  2. My stomachs growling looking at the pictures ! Manila is as it so famous for its food. Can't wait to visit the buffet festival !

  3. Omg! Buffet festival. This would really be great!!

  4. I love Vikings! It's my most favorite buffet resto. I haven't tried the MOA branch so maybe I should join their promo. I do want to eat some creampuffs right now.

  5. I Love Paars by: Lee17 February 2016 at 19:22

    See u soon sis! Food feast galore tayu on 20th. Vikings has such vast of food choices. Love their steaks and desserts

  6. Wow food fest. I wish I'm somewhere near though, I'd probably join the fun. Yay! Jealous here.

  7. I have never been to Vikings sa MOA.. every time I aim to visit the resto kapag nasa MOA ako.. always crowded haha.. I really want to try their buffet. I've seen a lot of drooling photos about Vikings so I hope I can try their foods soon

  8. not a big fan of buffet but i may have to forget about this and try! Ive heard a lot of good things about vikings!!

  9. My son and I can EAT, but wifey and daughter eats like a bird, haha! Anyway, I will send this link to friends who loves buffet!


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