The NIX Stop: Pablo's Pub and Restaurant Review

Excuse the lack of posts, but I think you'll understand that it is after all Holy Week and thus I tried to center myself... :D Also, I got sick and until now I still don't have my voice hahaha! Anyways, on to the review!

I'm not a pub/ bar person to be honest, but I did hear that Pablo's Pub and Restaurant  serves some of the best burgers in BGC so when I got a chance to dine there, of course I'd go! :) It's BURGERS so yeah.

A bit of FYI, Pablo's Pub and Restaurant is actually named after the notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Yeah, no drugs here people, but there are awesome alcohol and food to fill in the need for that. :)


Here's their best seller- the Classic Burger which has two all beef burger patties, generous slices of cheese and awesome Pablo's sauce which is a deviation from the usual mayo-ketchup combo. This is served with seasoned fries and a seemingly out of place tomato in another corner of the plate hahaha!


As I looked at this burger I was skeptical with the buns, and lo and behold I had every right as they were kinda flimsy to really "hold the burger", and it became way too soggy over time... (around 3 minutes. :D ) The burger itself though, overlooking that, is really good and is something that I can attest to make me remember of my childhood and the days that my parents brought me to Dayrit's,  where I had a taste of my first GOOD burger.. #90'sKid #Classic hehehe


The other main dish that we got to taste is the Chicken Jambalaya, blanketed with a pesto sauce. The pesto and chicken are very yummy, although I didn't really get to taste the rice so I can't say much about the Jambalaya part except that I smelled an array of flavors and it seemed to be on the hot scale of a spice meter. :)


I can say this much though- the chicken is very moist and flavorful, and the pesto made it into something MORE. :)


They also have this happy hour promo where for only Php 199.00, you can have a couple of beers and a small serving of their Pulutan. Here are what I got to taste:


The Sisig is really nothing fancy for me, just the right spice and what not. I wasn't impressed personally because I like my sisig crunchy, but being neutral to my preferences, it's okay cause it is still well seasoned and it delivers on what you would usually expect of Sisig.



If I hadn't found my Holy Grail Onion Rings, I'd say these are GREAT! Unfortunately, this falls 3rd on the scale of onion rings I have tasted, and yes, it is an awesome Pulutan dish, or a great side for the Burgers. :D


These ones are the Chicken Tenders, and I like that it's not overly oily, quite spicy and the chicken is moist on the inside. It's something that you would need to order a big plate of because you won't even notice that you already had 3 servings or more, cause while chatting with friends you'll just go and get and get and get some more hehehe...



Of course, what's a pub without beer? Or any kind of alcoholic concoction for that matter :3



I haven't really been into, or seen a "Pub" before (unless you count the pub that the F4 Meteor Garden guys frequent in their show), so I can't say much except that I find it's a bit too dark. Although the dim lights are supposed to help with the relaxation vibe, I find the black walls a bit of an overkill. But it's just me I guess... :3

Overall, I think this will be my newest tambayan, especially when the 3rd Trion tower finally gets done. I'll just order my burgers and I'm good to go back to the condo yes? hehehe Thanks to Zomato for the awesome time and even greater food. :D

Pablo's Pub and Restaurant

The Forum, 7th Avenue Corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Mon-Thu/ 12 NN-2PM; 6PM-12MN | Fri-Sun/12NN-3AM

Happy Hours: 5PM-8PM Mon-Sun


  1. Seriously I was stopped by the picture of the burger and it is only 9:00am here! It looks so good! I think I would definitely love this place because the food speaks to me and it looks like a great place to meet up with friends!

  2. All the dishes here sure looks amazing! The buger and fries are simply mouth watering. What I'd like to try the most is the Jambalaya. I just love pesto! I would love to try this place out next time I'm in the area. I like the name of this place too. lol Very clever and creative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was watching a video of The Flash yesterday and two of the lead characters were doing a stakeout. One of them was eating hamburger. A thought came to me. I have not eaten hamburger in ages. I don't eat in fastfood restaurants ... ok, it's now rare for me to eat at one. Still, I thought I could get one. AND THEN I SEE THIS POST with the nice photo of a BURGER! LOL!

  4. The burger makes me drool, but I share the same observation of the bun. This is where I love Brother's Burger and the premium of burgers of Wendy's- the bread in itself is a delight. But I avoid burgers nowadays, as much as I can, for wellness reasons :)

  5. I live in England and here pubs are traditional places where you go to eat good comfort food (like burgers, fish and chips, bangers and mash) and have a nice refreshing pint of the local area. The best are in cottages, with wooden beams all over and a fireplace with an open fire, which is amazing to sit by in winter. Back to your article, the burgers and the onion rings look properly made and I bet they were delicious! I had a double burger recently and I struggled to eat it all. :)

  6. My boyfriend loves burgers and we're always on the lookout for a good burger restaurant. I'll note this in case we happen to be in the BGC area. I hope somebody makes a suggestion and they improve the bun. I think 50% of a good burger formula is having a good bun, similar to pizza, where the overall pizza experience is greatly affected by the quality of the crust.

  7. wow, that big burger patty makes me drool...but yes, i also think the bun is so small too compare to the patty and I think this is the kind of burger that needs a knife and a pork rather eating it the normal way hehe
    since I don't drink liquor , i may not be able to appreciate the place .. good thing they have burgers haha

  8. There's always something about food posts/reviews that bring yellows into my life (being a foodie and all), and this one might just take the cake for this weekend. It's unfortunate I'm nowhere near BGC, but once I fly out and visit the place, this will be on my list, and I doubt I will NOT be thanking you for this post. :) While I'm not a heavy drinker, I appreciate fine liquor and mixes, as one should. While I'm trying to look past the gorgeous photography of the burger and fries and prevent myself from booking a flight right now, I can't. The food looks great, and I'm sure with good company, it'll taste even better. I don't know about the bun being soggy after a short 3 minutes though. Also, PESTO. 'Nuff said.

  9. Nice Recommendation! I want to try the Classic Burger! Me & my wife will eat in there! XD