The Swiss Deli | Get your Authentic Cheese Fondue and MORE!

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I LOVE CHEESE. If ever I were to choose between Lovelife, Aircon or Chesse sandwich/food with cheese, I'd choose the latter. Why? Because I already have a steady lovelife, and I can always grab the electric fan or pamaypay to combat this hot weather. XD

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But if you're wanting for some authentic Gruyere, Appenzeller, Rachel and Emmenthal, the opportunity to sample some these wonderful varieties of cheese  and more is not something so easily done here in the PH, at least before these guys finally got their branches expanded and have come to the south of Manila.  Me is talking about Swiss Deli BF :The perfect place to get them!

PS: There is actually an awesome goat's milk cheese named Rachel from Somerset, England, named after an old flame of the cheesemaker. Not sure though if Swiss Deli really sells them, as I forgot to ask. ;)

Getting it on with the food, I was in cheese heaven the moment I went in, because what will welcome your sights is the available cheeses and sausages that they can also sell by the 100 grams. Yeah, I now have somewhere to frequent for my DIY pizza and grilled cheese cravings!

But here's what we had:

Let me just dig in to who I think are "The Stars of the Show" in Swiss Deli BF: Cheese Fondue(Below) and the Raclette Grill.

SwissDeli-8664Their Cheese Fondue is made NOT of Mozzarella but of 3 different and authentic Swiss Cheeses, splattered with some wine for dipping to your heart's content, namely Gruyere, Appenzeller, and Emmenthal. These three cheeses, when mixed, gives this sharp and yet kinda delicate cheese fondue taste. I know that usually one would put mozzarella in theirs, but Swiss Deli doesn't, and believe me, it's SOOOO great! :3 #IAmInCheeseHeaven

Really though, this is my first time to try a Cheese Fondue, although I'm an avid lover of cheese. This is because I know that the only place you can get a cheese fondue is in those swanky super uptight classy restaurants with prices high as f***. I've changed my perspective with Swiss Deli's Cheese Fondue though. They managed to use authentic Swiss cheeses and still stay at an affordable price.

SwissDeli-8665This one is the Raclette Cheese Grill, which made me think of the European Yakiniku. :) All I got to taste though was the sausage, which I must say is very flavorful, as to how exactly a swiss frankfurter should really taste. YUM! BTW, what you get in the platter are Mini Hungarian or Frankfurters, some smoked bacon and awesome cheese.


I've never been to Southern Italy or Greece, but they got the flavors of the Mediterranean right on this salad! This Mediterranean Salad is a wonderful mix of fish and fresh veggies plus pasta, this alone is a great sub for my appetite for some rice carbs. Though the dressing is oil based, it's not overpowering and the flavors of the olives, greens, tuna and some herbs thrown in the mix make this a very satisfying dish. So satisfying that I kinda finished half of this serving plate. XD


You'd be committing a sin if you went here in the Swiss Deli and not indulge in their Sausage Platter. The great thing with this is you can partner it with the Cheese fondue. Go on, dip in. A robust flavor of the sausage and delicate flavors of the cheeses make this pair an awesome tale for the tongue and tummy. :)


If you want to shake up your breakfast, stop by the Swiss Deli and get yourself some Rösti. I suggest the one that has *actual* corned beef, as it makes for a nice blend of textures on the mouth. Also, because it kind of is like a pinoy breakfast, with lots of ooey gooey cheese that's melted on top.


They also serve Pork Knuckles, alongside some Spätzle (basically egg and flour). The pork Knuckles are very crispy and yet tender with the meat, and is also well seasoned. It can stand well enough on it's own, but for those who are looking for the familliar pinoy taste, you can always ask the waiters for some soy sauce, calamansi and the works. ;)


For dessert, we had Apple Strudel a la mode, and a few more things below. The Apple strudel is not overly sweet, as what most Swiss Desserts are, but it enhances the actual sweetness of the apple, and makes for one very satisfying dessert.


I also got to taste their Chocolate Fondue, and I must say that the chocolate that they use is of the best variety. I have tasted chocolate fondue from other restaurants, and there is a difference to the chocolate fondue here in Swiss Deli. They use only the best, and even if they price this a bit higher than most, the fact that it's not overly sweet and has this delicate taste to it, makes you think that you obviously get what you pay for. ;)




Overall, I'd really come back here, if not for the cheese and sausages that I need for my homecooking, then for the fact that they make mean Fondues, desserts and awesome salads. ;)


The Swiss Deli BF Homes

321 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City

Mon-Fri: 10 AM-10PM/ Sat-Sun: 8AM-10PM



  1. The fondues look fabulous. I love cheese too! I worked one summer in Geneva and I was so excited any time we got to go to a fondue party. I would definitely choose a fondue made with all Swiss cheese and not mozzarella. But the chocolate fondue looks scrumptious as well!

  2. One word, WOW! As I go along the article reading, I can't help myself drool here. I am into cheese too. Oh, how I wished I am just a ride away from that place. But if ever I get the chance to visit Manila soon, I'll definitely drop by here. Ohh, cheese!!!