The NIX Stop: Eat your Heart out at Le Jardin Manila with their newHearty Lunch Specials | Review

We've all known french cuisine to be haughty and quite on the pricey side. With the restaurant where a few friends and I went to last weekend, we found out that it was not always the case. There are a few gems of affordable fine dining here in the Metro, let me tell you, and Le Jardin Manila is one of them.


Le Jardin is located in the Penthouse floor of W Building in 5th Ave, BGC (Bonifacio Global City). If you're confused on which W Building, just remember that it's the tall blue one which looks like some sort of mosaic.


I was here before for the launching of Chef Next Door Season 2, and even if the place is packed full of people to the brim, I was floored with the intimate design and fancy feel that it has. If the french garden theme is not enough to satisfy you, there's always the awesome view that come with restaurants on the penthouse suite of a tall building. :D


All the more when my friends and I went there, and it felt as if we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

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We had a sampling of some of their Hearty Lunch Specials. Costing only 499.00 Php with a round of their special brewed iced tea and a dessert, these dishes proved to me and my friends that authentic and yummy French cuisine need not be expensive. Even if  their dishes are all proved to be home made, and fresh, from their brewed iced tea, to making their own pasta, and baking their own breads.


Seafood Chorizo Pappardelle- This is my favorite main out of the bunch. The pappardelle pasta is quite al dente, their home made chorizo is very crunchy and crisp, and the sweet delicate taste of the seafood shrimps and scallops are a true melody in my mouth. Nag agawan pa kami ni Axl neto hahahaha! It's that good. :)


Proven├žal Seafood Stew-This soup is a tomato saffron based broth, is well seasoned, and with the fish, prawns and scallops, make for a truly comforting meal. It's served with a side of the traditional rouille on homemade bread.

Chicken Confit with Tarragon Vinaigrette-Chicken is well cooked, tender and very flavorful. It's served crispy on the outside but moist within, and paired with the vinaigrette, it's quite light on the palette. The fries are obviously cooked with truffle oil, and is also well seasoned.


Duck Confit Crepe- This one felt more as a breakfast dish rather than a lunch, but whatever the case, it sure is delish! The crepe is nice and thin, although it can sustain said duck confit inside, and it's served with a perfectly poached egg on top. The orange sauce gives a nice balance of flavors, so you have savory, sweet and sour in this dish. Pretty jam packed! :)

Smoked Pork- Pork is considered to be an underrated meat. For me, I feel that it's an underdog. I especially love using the tenderloin or 'lomo' part for most of my home cooking dishes. In this case, we are served with a medium well smoked tenderloin on a bed of garlic cream sauce, house made aglio olio pasta and some organic green salad on the side. Very satisfying and tasty!


Home Made Vanilla Bean Ice cream with Sea Salt Belgian Dark Chocolate Cookies- These tasty treats are truly aromatic, and what I love the most about these are the fact that the ice cream is creamy and the vanilla flavor shows through. This along with the cookies is just a taste of heaven. :) They scoured up their icecream from Sebastian's, if you're curious!


These Hearty Lunch Sets by the way are available from 11 am to 2 pm daily, Mondays to Saturdays. :)

Le Jardin Manila

Penthouse, W Fifth Avenue Building, 5th Avenue Corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

For Reservations: 09178176584

02 4033049

IG: @lejardinmanila; @lejardinbgc

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