The NIX Stop: Ramen Metro | The best place to get your AuthenticJapanese Fare


It's the rainy season nowadays here in the Philippines, and there are a couple of pairings that I love with the cool weather we have today: Ramen or Sopas. ;)


Ramen Metro is really a place where you can find and eat to your heart's content Ramen and other authentic Japanese fare. I was there last Friday to taste some of their ramen dishes, and it's the best way to celebrate my first day of having the stitches from my wisdom tooth extraction removed. hahaha!

On to the food, me and a few other food bloggers are served 7 of Ramen Metro's Specialty Ramen... Here are some of them, and an overview of what they taste and is it worth it..


Metro Tantanmen (375.00 Php)- This ramen is considered one of the spicier noodles that Ramen Metro has. The spice though is more on chili, and not curry based, it has a robust but well seasoned broth. Tantanmen is considered to be typically spicy and packed with flavour, and Ramen Metro really delivered well on this dish.

FYI: I won't be trying it again cause I actually cried with this dish. But then again, sensitive po ako sa super maanghang. hanggang mild lang ang kaya ko eh hehehehe


Tonkutsu Ramen (375.00 Php)- My favorite ramen in the bunch! Consistent with their Chasyu toppings, which tastes like it was slow-cooked and braised, and the soup is well seasoned. Another reason why I love this is because it has nori, and I am in love with the stuff.  The soup itself is as creamy like milk, but you know that's just the normal tonkutsu broth which come from the boiling of pork bones and fat on high heat for many hours. This ramen dish is not just perfect for rainy days, but it's also awesome for introducing kids to the world of ramen.


Black Ramen (350.00 Php)- Stuff has cloudy and spicy broth, which I think is a mix of tantanmen and Miso. I think this is Naruto's ramen by the looks of it. PS: it's mildly spicy. :) Black ramen is firm and has its own salty taste, probably because black ramen and pasta is usually done with squid ink. :)


Ebi Shitake Ramen(375.00 Php) -Another favorite of mine, mainly because prawns and shitake mushrooms are things I love. Also great for introducing ramen to kids, this one has a sort of sweet and salty taste because of the seafood.


They have a few surprises for us customers this month! All you got to do is t review their restaurant on zomato, and share it on their facebook page! 50 Vouchers for awesome ramen will be given away! Check out their IG account for more!
Ramen Metro

Unit 3, Bldg. K, Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Blvd. Corner Edsa Extension, Libertad, Pasay City


  1. I'm from the Netherlands. I have never even tried Ramen. At all! I loved to read this. Makes me feel like I really should try this. And now I know that I shouldn't start with the Metro Tantanmen. I'll keep the Tonkutsu Ramen in mind!

  2. The logo of the Ramen Metro was from Naruto hahaha. But since you mentioned about Naruto's ramen, I got curious and had to search from google what the name of the ramen was. The only thing close to ramen that I ate are from Chowking so I might have to check out a Ramen store really soon. Lately, there have been a lot of ramen shops that I have seen on facebook posts.

  3. I have tried proper ramen recently in London. I was hungry and the nearest restaurant was a ramen window shop. So I got in and asked for a random ramen. It was so delicious and so large that I barely ate half of it. I will definitely try it again.

  4. Wow , I am really impressed by the images . The food looks so fresh and yummy , just so inviting ! This is a very neat review , very informative and the way you tell about the scrumptious dishes they serve , is mouthwatering ;) :)

  5. I haven't had legit ramen yet! These looks good and the prices seem so affordable unlike another Ramen chain I've heard of. I love that you mentioned one of the Ramen dishes served was so spicy. I'm into spicy food so I'll definitely order that one if ever!

  6. Really digging the looks of the food! I think the price is steep, but also expected. Lots of ramen places in the Philippines are in the same price range. Spicy is always the way to go for me!

  7. If you were to choose, will you go at Metro Ramen or Ramen Nagi? BF and I loves Ramen and Ramen Nagi has been our go to place ever since. We would love to try Metro Ramen next time though! :)

  8. Haven't tried Ramen Magi yet, but I'll definitely be trying them out later in the month with my Pichi for our date. For the meantime, I like the serving quantity of Ramen Metro, but there is another awesome place where you can get quality ramen in Manila at a very affordable price. You can google erra's ramen in Malate and see for yourself! I tried that place and it has Game with Ramen Kuroda and Ramen Metro :D

  9. Ooh, thanks for this recommendation. Certified ramen addict here! I'm always on the lookout for new places to try. For me, the broth and the al dente factor of the noodles is KEY to enjoying the ramen. I've got to have those PERFECT, otherwise I won't be satisfied!!!