How to : Soft, Supple and Maputing Kilikili Para sa PAK na Aura!


Seriously though, I do the 'bakla' speak with my friends. And since we're all friends here in the blog-o-sphere, I want to share with you everyone how I achieve that silky smooth, soft, supple underarms na perfect pang aura ngayong tag ulan man o tag araw. Of course, maintenance and consistency is the key to that- and I have my monthly treatments from Whipped Salon for having bare- worthy underarms... :D

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Whipped_ChicMix_August The caramel/Sugar scrub used in Whipped :D[/caption]


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="476"]whipped- State of my Under arms last May 2016.[/caption]

As usual, I started with the yummy smelling caramel scrub, which the attendant did in a gentle circular motion. This is used to gently scrape off the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the pits, hence giving a brighter and whiter skin. With regular use of sugar or caramel scrubbing, you can achieve whiter underarms for sure.  Mine took around 3-4 sessions for this to work :D

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"]#WhippedItOut-3485 Taken last week September 18th 2016. My Underarms are now 2 shades lighter than when I started going to whipped and availing the Caramel Scrub with Waxing.[/caption]

Then came the quick and efficient way to remove unwanted hairs- Sugar waxing. The point with this one is that you're sure to have finer hair growth in the long run, as well as avoiding chicken skin and parabens that can darken underarms.

And there you go! That's my way of achieving soft, supple and whiter underarms para iwas sa dyahe moments! (to avoid embarrasing moments). Hope you liked my tips!


  1. I used to have my armpits waxed sa salons, until I bought those sugar waxing kits online & in Watson's. From then on, sariling sikap na ang pagwax. I kind of miss going to professional salons to have someone else do the job for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I also tried home waxing once, but I stopped, because I can't really 'hurt' myself hahahaha you know? So I am more comfortable with someone else doing it for me :D

  3. This is so nice! You're so brave to show us what you use for your kili kili and actually showing its photos. You're one of the firsts I've seen and I think that's brave! Anyway, great tips. This is really helpful to girls and guys who are having problems with how to take care of their armpits. Maybe they could learn a lesson or two from this post! :)