Sigsaga Las Pinas | Affordable Yakiniku And Shabu Shabu EAT ALL YOU CAN

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Yakiniku is one of my favorites when it comes to food, and it's difficult to find a place that serves great yakiniku and Korean fare without my wallet crying. This is why I'm amazed with Sigsaga, because they managed to give to the masses a Yakiniku and Korean Buffet that's so Yummy and sulit too! 

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They serve a Tempura Platter ala carte (6 pcs) with Bottomless drinks at P 129.00

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Their Yakiniku is thinly sliced and is well seasoned. Thus it makes for easy cooking.

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They also serve Shabu Shabu as a set for only 299 Php, with unlimited drinks for 2 persons!

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If you go for the Yakiniku Buffet, you also get a lot of sides and korean dishes, like this Bulgogi above and the Soon-Doo-Boo-Chi-Gae below. For the sides, I got to have Sweet Baby Potatoes, Jap Chae, Kimchi and their fare is usually on rotation so that customers will never get bored of the menu. In short, hindi ka magsasawa or mauumay dito!

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And would you believe that they serve the yakiniku buffet for only 299 Php as well, with unlimited drinks plus desserts? OMG! #SULIT!

Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet-1 Sigsaga Yakiniku Buffet and Shabu Shabu

One Princeway Bldg.
BF Resort Drive,
BF Resort village, Las PiƱas City

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