CHIC of the Month | Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I would like to start up June, one of the months that truly make me smile with a BANG! Chic Mix has been up for a few years now, and while I don't usually celebrate my blog anniversary I really want to give something back to you, my readers. Lady or Gentleman, we are all a happy Chic Family who are effortlessly awesome, and aside from sharing my experiences, I have always wanted for this blog to let you ladies and gents to stay classy with a smile... And now,

To Mix it up and give MORE SMILES... 


I will be picking the most active Chic of the Month and send a surprise care package along his or her way!

How to qualify for the next month’s reward:

  • Must be an active follower on the Blog, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (Follow via email or stay updated on my posts via my Facebook Page- just click that Get Notifications or See First option on your Newsfeed)
  • You have to give quality comments on blog posts.  I get really excited when I hear (or read) your thoughts about the products, food and places I feature and review. I also love it when you recommend something that you might want to see here or in any of my social accounts. I may not be able to reply often due to a hectic mom schedule but I always check before I sleep. 
  • Monthly Prizes will always be a surprise!

There you have it! Good luck and see you soonest!

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