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Hair Coloring is a commitment, a way for self expression and at times, my hair is my safety blanket to some confidence especially if I am feeling a bit down. And with my hair journey, I thought that I will have my hair rest for a while after that last red coloring... But I guess life has other plans for me hahaha! I was invited last week to experience Revlon's latest product in Hair Color by New Summit Color Distributions Inc.

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Before Hair Color

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Before the big day, I was asked for a specific peg that I might want. I have always wanted blue hair, even before I went red and since the company said that they can do it I was happy. So ecstatic in fact that I went in early as call time was said to be at around 9 AM. And I went even though I was having tummy problems and didn't feel well. That is how dedicated I am to getting that dark blue hair that I always wanted.

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When I got in though, I should have been surprised but I guess deep inside I was expecting it already- they did not have the color needed to turn my hair blue. What they said was it was doable, but since Revlon is reformulating the formula for the blue color they pulled it out of their shelves. (uhmmmm.. okay???) I honestly have heard another reasoning from them is that because my hair was previously blackened, and before that I had red hair (which the part that actually had red color is already cut off BTW), I would be getting purple so they'll just give me dark purple. Sad but that's life for you I guess... Gotta adjust either way.

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It was a grueling 9 AM -7 PM hours worth of bleaching and coloring of my hair. I can feel the tension and concentration of the hair tech who bleached my thick hair. I honestly love the bleach that they used with my hair because unlike the others that I have tried before, this one was not so dry right after. Unfortunate that they did not give it a proper treatment after coloring so the purpose of the bleach and the hyaluronic acid (which has moisturizing powers) from the Revlonissimo Creme Gel Color got lost in translation.

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Color & Care High Performance Creme Gel Color 60mL
Permanent color dyes with a wide variety of shades.
Has Active Ingredients like:

  • Colored oxidation ingredient which delays colorant oxidation for long lasting color 
  • Hyaluronic Acid which is a skincare cosmetic ingredient with moisturizing properties.
  • Soy Protein which has peptides and essential amino acids, nourishes, renovates and prepares hair so it is in the optimum condition to receive color.
 Revlon Professional Blonde Up Gentle Powder 500 gr

  • Soft, non-volatile lightening powder
  • Concentrated compact bleaching powder with lightening molecules
  • Uniform results and a lightening powder up to 7 levels

Two thirds of my day was dedicated to bleaching, the other hours for coloring. They gave me a mix of their pruples from Revlonissimo Colorsmetique which resulted in this...

After Hair Color

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This was taken a day after the hair color. I haven't wet my hair yet here which is why it is so vibrant...

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This was taken right after the hair coloring process.

A dark, Sailor Mars vibe of hair. I am still bummed that it is not blue, but I like the not so obvious purple that I have here. It only shows up in the sun, but indoors I was assured that it should be so dark that it's close to black.

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This one I took after I had a shower and used a sulfate free conditioner. Noticeably more dry and less luster with the color.

Unfortunately, there was no talk of an after hair care what to do, so towards the end I asked what they might recommend. My hair tech suggested a deep intensive hair mask. I was also expecting that they add in a treatment but they only sprayed some stuff, which does not count for one. Lo and Behold, after showering I cannot style my hair as it looked like some sort of broom or walis tambo. I had to go to events with my hair in a bun or a pony tail because it looked messy and I can't use irons or hair dryers because it will damage it more.

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I'm looking to the option of getting mayonnaise as suggested by my friend lee, or just getting a mix of coconut oil with some sunflower oil and slathering it all over my scalp and hair so that I get a bit of that healthy sheen back.

Also, with every shower it goes lighter and lighter, as I expected so I'm trying to lessen the showering and going on to a sulfate free leave on conditioner and dry shampoo while it is still deep purple.

You decide if it looks good or not, but let me just iterate that if ever you decide on having a hair color as wild as this, it is like having a third child. You have to take good care of it or else it will go awry. :p So now excuse me as I go and tame this wild child of mine. Lol.

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The hair color service treatment was sponsored by New Summit Colors Distribution in exchange for a blog and an Instagram post. Information about the products are from the product brochures included in the media kit. Everything written in this article is of my honest opinion and personal experience.


  1. Infairness maganda naman result bet ko din ganyan kulay kaso madalas ako ngpparebond tapos ang itim pa ng buhok ko hirap kapitan ng kulay huhu. Ganun talaga minsan di nila makuha expectation natin hehe maganda din yung choice mo na blue eh.

    1. yeah it is either magpacolor tayo or magpa rebind.. bawal daw sabay because it can result to hair loss. As of the moment I'm writing this my hair has turned to a rose gold color and I am not sure if I want to come back here. Maybe I'll get a treatment first before trying for the blue color peg ulit hahaha

  2. I like your honest opinions. Haven't tried Purple on my hair before, but it's quite trendy here in Singapore too!