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I used to watch those shows on how to become a Top Model when I was young. It was the window that got me going for my passion within art in outfits. Years later and now I can't believe that one of my beloved models when it comes to street fashion currently landed here in Manila a couple of days ago.

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Margaret Zhang, an Aussie fashion maven is someone who I draw inspiration to whenever I think of what to wear for my next meeting or event. She's a model as well as a photographer and has been in the industry circa 2009. This means she knows how to work her outfits in every angle when modeling cause she can also easily imagine how it would look behind a photographer's lens.

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She also has a tendency to express herself by choosing a fashion rule and knowing how to twist it into something extra and yet subtle. And if you're looking for some fashion inspiration, here are some ways you can inject Margaret Zhang's zing into your own outfits:

Bold in Black and White

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Sometimes all you need is a bit of  monochrome to look your best. I personally go for this style whenever I need something classy fast. Blacks and whites in interesting shapes is a great way to up your style. But if you are not in the mood to think about it, just grab all your black clothes and pick a set that fits well. To give something extra though, you can express your individualism with a pop of color with your shoes.

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Up your game with Blazers

Be it monochromatics or with interesting patters, you can never go wrong with blazers. These give your look an instant appeal and boss girl vibes.

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Margaret Zhang can up an outfit by grabbing and layering interesting pieces of accessories. Just check out these photos and you'll see what I mean.

Pop with color!

She's currently into the pink pastel with her hair, but you don't need to go to the salon to get that look. You can express it with some pastel eye makeup, glowing skin and popping lips!

Hope these gave you some ideas on how to up your street style! You don't really have to be scared with fashion, all you need is a bit of inspiration and some imagination to create a look all your own!

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  1. Oh my god, I love that minimalist style of hers! I'm actually following another fashion guru @mademoiselle_yulia and her style reminds me of Margaret Zhang's. It's so great that your idol visited your country! If I were you I would use any means necessart and try to get a glimpse of her while she's still here! Do you follow her style in your everyday outfits?