On Trying Out New Things and New Brands

PlayaLaiya ChicMix--19 You never know until you try. This motto applies to a lot of things in our life, including trying out new brands and experiencing new things. And yes, sometimes the newer brands are actually as durable if not better than the designer/ high end brands that we are all familiar with. If you are someone who are suspicious about unknown brands, then let me tell you why you should go and get yourself a new brand to love.

  • You set the trends

Being a trendsetter means checking out new things and going for brands that are yet to be out on the spotlight. Having something new to the eyes of others (heard about 100 layers of nailpolish, foundation up to t-shirt challenge? #PolishMountain trend of 2017!) can prompt them to ask you where you got it, or even follow your activities. You never know, you may be the one to put it out there.

  • You develop a Unique style

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While it is human nature to try and fit in, it is in being different where we can show off our beauty inside and out. How to be unique in your style? Check out the newer indie brands for what they can offer, often you will find quirky things that may just make your style!  


  • Find a New Brand to Love

We all have that holy grail products that we are incredibly loyal to, but it won’t hurt to try new brands too. If you don’t want to try something big, then go for something that takes a little step in your style but is also eye catching, like Sorrento Sunwear! You may just find your go-to brand for new sunglasses.

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Explore different brands and widen your knowledge and experiences. Don’t forget to rock your new glasses while exploring. Cause you never know until you try. *wink wink!*

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