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Do you feel like your hair is too frizzy? If yes, and it has lots of flyaways, even if you get your hair treated for a rebond then I believe you don't have straight hair. Have you ever tried the Curly Girl Method for your hair? Hair has a few types, and it is not just a simple curly or straight. Personally, in my family, my sister has extra curly hair and I have a light wave on mine. The CGM method is one of the best ways to care for hair, as it is best achieved with organic, sulfate free hair products.

You would think that it is really expensive, but what I found in Shopee's #TatakPinoy fair is Zenutrients- an affordable and organic alternative! 

This is a trusted brand among beauty enthusiasts for sulfate free, organic products and best part is that it is 100% PINOY! Zenutrients is made from natural and sustainable ingredients. Their products are made in a way to help their partner suppliers and farmers not just survive, but to thrive. I also love the point that they keep finding ways to create with less waste, less plastic, and a more sustainable loop for the packaging life cycle.

Good news to all beauty and skin care enthusiasts looking for organic and all-natural products because Zenutrients joins Shopee's #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair and offers discounts of up to 20% off! 

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Zenutrients is best known for their CGM best seller items like the Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Curls Avocado and Tea Tree Deep Conditioner. These when used together give a nice emphasis to my hair and make my waves look like it was curled in the salon.

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Lately with the dry season, I found myself reaching for their Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo and conditioner. I find that it is a gentler alternative to other anti dandruff items in the market, and it helped me to manage my dandruff and now prevent it, while treating my oily scalp along with a silicone exfoliator brush. 

Other items you might be interested are their skin items, since Zenutrients is an all around organic shop for your skincare needs too! 

Tea Tree Cooling Deodorant Spray Lotion
It neutralizes odor & provides effective deodorant protection while leaving skin cool.

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Zenutrients All is Well Oil 10ml & Balm 50g
Portable aromatherapy in the bag! These items give a bright and minty scent from menthol, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil. It can be used as: Insect Bite Repellent/Ointment, Motion Sickness Relief, Nasal Decongestant (for allergies and colds), Headache Relief, Muscle Pain Relief, and Muscle Spasm (“Lamig”) Relief.

Zenutrients Goat's Milk & Oatmeal Nourishing Soap 100g
Goats milk soothes the skin while hydrating oatmeal gently removes dulling dead cells to promote healthy new cell growth.

Zenutrients Pure Glycerin Soap 100g
Having a hard time looking for products that would suit your sensitive skin? Zenutrients Pure Glycerin Soap is perfect for you! It's specially made for newborns & sensitive skin.

Catch exclusive discounts from Zenutrients and other well-loved Filipino brands at Shopee's first #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair of the year now!

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