Review: Snailwhite Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner From Thailand

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Snail White is in the Philippine market for a while, with their famous Whip Soap and moisturizer that originated from Thailand. I bought these items too, but I tested out their Snail White Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner first, and here's my full review.

Snail White Glow Potion AHA BHA Toner Claims:

A multi-tasking toner which exfoliates dead skin cells by using a powerful but gentle blend of ingredients to reveal miraculously glowing skin. It is Alcohol Free. Actives contain AHA, BHA, Niacinamide, Ginseng, Witch Hazel and Swiss Alpine Willow herb.

Chic Mix Note on Toners:

Toners are for restoring the skin's pH Balance after cleansing. There are actually two types of toners, Hydrating and Exfoliating. When we hear of the Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize routine, the toner mentioned is usually the Hydrating type. It can also be called lotions or mists in K-Beauty or J-Beauty terms. Sensitive, dry to combination or mature skin benefit the most from hydrating tones. It helps bring back that youthful bounce into your complexion by infusing more hydration into the skin. You can use these everyday with no problem.

Exfoliating toners on the other hand have more chemical actives and exfoliants, with the purpose of them being used up to 3x a week. If your skin is new to actives, it is highly advised to use it for 2x a week at first and gradually let your skin get used to them, to lessen the risk of over-exfoliation. You should always follow up with sunscreen after applying this type of toner and your desired moisturizer for best results.

While the Snail White Glow Potion claims that it is multitasking, it is actually considered to be in the Exfoliating range of toners with all the actives it has. 

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Snail White Glow Potion Packaging, Price, Pros and Cons:

Let me start by explaining my current skin conditions. I have sensitive, combination skin. Pretty oily on the T-zone, quite dry on the cheeks and when it is extra cold I sometimes develop dry patches near the nose and my laugh lines.  

I recently bought this last month, and have used it around 7x in a span of two weeks after cleansing, on half of my face for an experiment. The alcohol free claim is a plus for me. 

I don't like that it has a bit of sweet, flower candy fragrance when applied. Although it dissipates quickly when applied, the fact that it has fragrance increases the risk of me having problems like pimples when used.

The option to buy a 50ml one aside from a 150ml bottle is nice as you can first test and see for yourself if you like the product before you commit to it. While it is recommended to use cotton pads, I find it too much of a waste so I just apply some on my fingers and pat it around my face.

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As an exfoliating toner with AHA and BHA, I am expecting it to smoothen the rough patches on my skin, particularly around the nose area where I have quite a lot of blackheads. 

With the 7x I have used this toner here are the results:

  • blackheads and white heads are still there, but noticeably not as much.
  • my pores seemed to look a bit smaller
  • the rough patches around my nose and under the chin are smoothed out a bit as well. Best way I have determined that is when I applied my concealer and makeup, and things went on smoothly without any need for extra blending like I usually do.

 Expiry date and date of manufacturing is located at the bottom of the bottle.

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You can get this toner in Shopee, Lazada, leading department stores and drugstores nationwide. Snailwhite Glow Potion in 50ml costs for 155 Php, and the 150ml variant for 395 Php. 

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Overall, I would have to update this with continued use in the next coming months. I will repurchase it once I have finished all the other toners I have bought recently. I really love that it is alcohol-free which is great for my sensitive skin. So far, no violent reactions from my skin.

I recommend this with 3.5 out of 5 stars for the affordability and effectiveness of the product. If you don't have sensitive skin or are not bothered by scented skincare, this can be a good and cheaper alternative to the leading Korean AHA BHA Toner in the market. 

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