Best assist for that healthy look and feel: EmSynergy with EMSculpt Neo Edge + EmTone

We all want to stay healthy—it’s the main reason we do our best to eat well and get moving. While this is important, it’s okay to admit this one thing: we all want to look our best too. The best way to attain proper health is to eat well coupled with regular exercise. It usually is enough to stay healthy, but not to attain the shape and tone that they want. Usually, it requires more intense workouts, or spending more time in the gym than they are able to set aside. Enter Luminisce’s Body EmSynergy Treatment—think of it as a good ol’ gym substitute + more. 

Luminisce Body EmSynergy is latest body treatment that combines two of the newest in body shaping technologies: EmSculpt Neo Edge and EmTone.

 EmSculpt Neo is the latest in EmSculpt technology with the new EDGE handpiece that can give you the results had you done an impossible 20,000 crunches in the gym—without ever stepping foot in a gym, and all while lying down. But, it’s also so much more than that. 

EmSculpt Neo uses HIFEM, or High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic energy to induce powerful muscle contractions. These muscle contractions are not the ordinary muscle contractions you get by doing crunches—they’re called supramaximal contractions. It builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously.

EmTone creates a toned-looking physique by tightening any loose skin and visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. It does this using a combination of both energy-based and mechanical modalities: thermal monopolar radio frequency and targeted pressure energy respectively, to create a synergistic effect that cannot be achieved had it been done separately.

The use of EmTone increases skin elasticity, remodels collagen, and diminishes fat. The skin looks rejuvenated: tighter and more toned, with significantly less visible cellulite.  

Why is EmSynergy a great treatment?

If a strong and toned physique is what you’re after, a combination of both EmSculpt Neo and EmTone may be for you. The two treatments are very complementary, and they’re safe to be used in tandem. EmSculpt takes care of all the muscle building and fat reduction, while EmTone simultaneously tightens skin and builds collagen, so your skin follows as your physique improves. You can live without the fear of being left with sagging skin, or developing extra cellulite. 

For a lot of moms post-partum, this is a good treatment option as they go on the road to recovery. They can restore and rejuvenate their body and physique, without extreme physical exertion and without having to go under the knife. Less time worrying about how your body looks, is also more time to spend with the family and the new little one. 

We at Luminisce believe that a bespoke approach to treatment is the best way to achieve one’s goals. Every patient’s case and body differs, and each patient may have different goals. It’s important for Luminisce to be able to fully discuss goals and set expectations, so that everyone’s on the same page and path to success. For some, the use of one or the other may be more appropriate, and for others, a combination may be best. 

Get a customized treatment plan based on your needs. Schedule a consultation with one of the Luminisce dermatologists today!

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