Foodie: The ever delicious French toast

Good Morning to you guys! How's your day so far? Anyways I just wanted to share with you a favorite breakfast or merienda of mine, the French Toast...

*picture from wikipedia  

I knew of this when I was watching Giada de Laurentiis' show, Everyday Italian. I have this obsession of Italian and French cuisine, and it was way back when I was living in my parents' house when I got to watch this show because we had Lifestyle Network before and now, well, the cable here in Las Pinas doesn't have it. Anyway, Giada was doing "Pannetone French Toast", and it looked really scrumptious to eat and really easy to make. But it's only until now that I was able to make such because before, I was too young by my parent's standards to handle the stove and the kitchen. hehehe

One time I wanted to make something special for my pichi so I decided to finally make one of those. I really wanted to make one that has cinnamon in it because well, cinnamon can make a real difference to desserts and just about anything. You probably understand by now that it's really one of my favorite spices.. ^^

Since we're here in the Philippines and I have a strict budget, I used some stale bread(since basically this is what is used in the original french toast recepie), an egg, and condensed milk and about 1/4 cup of water... I toasted it in the pan, with some butter, and viola!

I made a lot of this since we had a lot of stale bread in the house and well.. it was gone in less than 3 mins! haha It was like, happiness for me... cause I had never cooked something like it before and for it to be liked by my parents-in-law and brother and sisters-in-law, and especially my pichi... :)

For those who are interested in making your special someone a token of appreciation or for those "just because I love you" moments, or just for indulging in a great meal, you should try this out cause it'll really get someone's tastebuds going YUMMMMM...


  • 1-2 eggs
  • 1/8-1/4 cup of condensed milk, depending on preference
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • butter
  • some stale bread
  • a teeny pinch of salt
  • cinnamon powder(optional)

  1. beat the eggs, add the milk and water and stir together until you get a watery consistency. then add the salt. you can put cinnamon powder now if you want;  or you can put it later as a dusting powder. ^^
  2.  heat up the pan and put some butter.
  3. coat the stale bread with the egg and milk mixture then put it in the pan. be sure to coat only what you can cook.. like if your pan can only do 2 slices of bread then put up only 2.
  4. wait for it to brown a bit, much like you would toast bread in a pan.
  5. cook the other side
  6. then do procedures 3-5 for your remaining stale bread
you can dust powdered sugar or cinnamon after, or maybe put in you fave pancake syrup as topping, or partner it with fruits in the morning... ^^

the recipe is derived from the alaska condensed milk french toast recepie, I just tweaked it to my preferred  liking.

have a great day ahead! :)
till my next post,


  1. I usually buy french toast. too lazy to make one.

    hi nicole~ sipag mag-blog ah! :)


  2. hi elan! musta na?? saan k na nagaaral ngyun? hehe saan k nabili ng french toast? :)

  3. sa CSB pa rin. dun lang sa caf namin mismo. I forgot kung anung name nung booth na yun. :))
    cute ng baby mo! congrats nga rin pala. iba na last name mo~ yiee~