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Last March 25th was quite the night for me as I headed to The Fort Strip in Global City for the relaunching of Samwon- a brand of home appliances quite known in the provinces. Anyways, I say relaunching cause they introduced to us some new stuff that they had brewed over the year to get on with the times and not just focus on Home appliances and stuff.



The party was set in Jill's- and it was decorated in this beach party theme that looked pretty awesome and in season..

Samwon was focused before on the Home Appliances stuff but now, they have Car and Audio and improved Home Entertainment Equipment covered too!


Yep, Samwon has Powerbanks, LED TV, Micrphones etc...


For your Car Audio System(amplifiers and such), x12 is the way to go!


Mickle Products for the DJ in you...


These are what really caught my eyes though, as I am an audiophile and I can't really go out of the house without my music and headphones. These speakers by Samwon are not just cute speakers though- they are also waterproof and shockproof and can also deliver great audio quality.


I was so surprised on what happened that night as I got my name picked out of the basket, and surprise surprise- I won the said speakers that caught my fancy! I was so speechless and dumbstruck that night that it took me about 15-20 seconds before I got up to claim my prize.. :3


I'll be doing a review on the speakers soon enough, and just like my beauty reviews, I'll make sure that it's thoroughly tested. :3

These products are available in Lazada, Ensogo and stores nationwide :3



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