Pixy Blush On in Carnation Bloom | Nitty Gritty Reviews

Another Beauty review for y'all! This time I'll be showing to you guys my all time favorite blush on from Pixy

The Nitty Gritty:


You can check more about Pixy Philippines in my older posts, but the main thing is that Pixy is all about that natural Kawaii(cute) beauty. Let's see how they translate it to their blush ons...

Look and Packaging:

Simple and Pink, I guess is the Pixy Motto, as it can be seen with most of their products. I personally don't like the part where it has no mirror and is accompanied with a useless scratchy pink brush. But hey, we're here for the product and not the packaging right? :3


Finish and Swatches:

Pixy Blush On has lots of other variants like Sorrel Brown which feels to me more like a bronzer, and Passion Roses, a pink and girly color. Haven't got to the nearest Watsons yet as of this time so I'm not updated with how many variants they have.


However, I will be reviewing their Carnation Bloom variant, which shows off very shimmery and less pigmented.The color on the pan is like some sort of coral punch but as you swatch it you'll see that the shimmer kinda washes out the pigment, thus translating into a light peach with lots of glow.


This is great for those who are into that seriously natural look that you wouldn't notice if one is blushing or it's make up, and especially for the beginners who are scared to make themselves look like a clown...


Price and Where to Buy:

This sells for Php 285.00 in Watsons stores and SM Department Stores. Affordability much? Just right.


The reason why this is my all time favorite blush on is because of what I had said before- it looks so natural that you won't believe it's makeup, especially if you blend it properly. Plus it can sometimes double as a cheekbone highlighter for me if I use a different color of blush...


I never use the brush included though cause of that scratchy feeling so I always use a natural hair brush, that blends the product better for me. Here are some photos where I was wearing said blush... The one above is when it's heavily applied and blended, and the one below is if it's lightly applied for that natural glowing look.

The great thing with this is also, you don't have to reapply it as the glow stays with you even if you've commuted using jeeps and that dreaded MRT.. :3 need I say more why I love this blush on?

PS: Am definitely gonna be repurchasing. :)

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